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10 Sep, 2008 | Posted by: photosource

A colleague, Jim Pickerell, is conducting a survey of self-employed stock photographers. I urge you to read the following and decide to answer Jim’s 8 questions. It will help all independent freelance stock photographers understand the current business climate for independent stock photographers.

Jim tells me “Individual responses will be held in strictest confidence. No attempt will be made to identify specific individuals….”

Here’s the full text of Jim’s request:

We are conducting an important survey of self-employed photographers in an
effort to learn more about the current business climate and the percentage
of their total income that comes from licensing rights to stock images. If
you earned any money from photography in 2007 we urge you to go to and respond to the eight
simple questions. The deadline for responding is September 30, 2008.

Please tell your friends about the survey. The more responses we receive the
more valid the data. If you are an agent and do not actually produce images
please encourage your photographers to respond to the survey.

In these rapidly changing and challenging times many photographers are
finding it necessary to modify their business strategies. Some stock
photographers are turning to assignments. Others earn their primary income
from non-photographic sources with photography being only a secondary source
of income. At the other end of the spectrum amateurs with no expectations of
earning a living from photography are finding that it can be a source of
additional income as well as a satisfying hobby.

We expect to follow up with additional surveys on at least an annual basis.
In-depth analysis of the results will be made available at and through many online and print publications. The
data will be tabulated by Jim Pickerell who has been active in the industry
for more than 45 years as a photographer and who is also an editor of the
newsletter Selling Stock.

If anyone has questions or would
like to comment on this survey, Jim Pickerell can be contacted at
jim[at]scphotos[dot]com. For more background on Jim Pickerell go to: