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22 Oct, 2008 | Posted by: photosource

UGH! NOT AGAIN. The world's photojournalists have been doing their best to find original ways to illustrate the global financial crisis. Some of their efforts have been commendable -- others, not.
The Best and Worst of Financial Crisis Photography. SPIEGEL ONLINE has collected the best of the best, and some of the worst. First things first: It would be difficult to pin the blame on the current financial crisis on the traders on the floor of the world's stock markets. It's not their fault. But seriously. How many more images of contorted, exasperated, horrified and desperate traders can we take? For the last two weeks, as the financial markets have remained frozen and the stock markets -- at least until this week -- plummeted to ever lower depths, newspapers, Web sites and television news have offered up a parade of faces buried in hands, mouths agape in dismay and arms flailing in the air as traders watch stock prices fall off a cliff.,1518,584127,00.html

08 Oct, 2008 | Posted by: photosource

AMATEUR REPORTERS -- Seth Shimkonis wants to help the orphans of Peru tell their own own story. In November, the 2000 South Western High School graduate will travel to Arequipa, Peru, for six months to teach the children of New Hope Children's Home the art of photography.
Eventually Shimkonis hopes to develop a program similar to Kids with Cameras. That program was created from the documentary film "Born into Brothels," which follows children who live in the red-light district of Calcutta. The children were given cameras to document their lives and surroundings, and the photos were then sold, with proceeds going toward the children's education.