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22 Oct, 2008 | Posted by: photosource

POLLING POSTERITY. -- YouTube urges voters to ‘Video Your Vote’. “Shoot a video of your experience at the polls on Election Day. Document the energy and excitement, as well as any problems you may see,” YouTube said in a message last week. YouTube, a Google subsidiary, said in a statement, “This program aims to gather massive amounts of polling place video, with the Channel serving as an online library for Election Day footage. On November 4, the Channel will serve as the premier online destination for up-to-the-minute coverage from voters contributing videos straight from thousands of precincts across the country.”
KENTUCKY SAYS NO. Kentucky election officials are scrambling to get out the message that a national YouTube project with PBS that encourages people to video themselves voting on Nov. 4 would be illegal in Kentucky.
Grayson said Friday that voters should be encouraged to record a video diary about the experience at the polls after they're away from their voting precinct — at least 300 feet away. Those caught recording inside a polling place could be slapped with a misdemeanor. Kentucky's legislature outlawed video recording or using cell phones or cameras in the voting places in 2005 to avoid intimidating other voters.
TAKEAWAY: Commentators suggestions: - What gets photographed in Kentucky stays in Kentucky –in the clink.
-Step across the border and register in Georgia. Save your vote for posterity. Goodbye Kentucky! Hello Georgia!
-Didn’t I see a security camera at the polling place four years ago? Will that be dismantled? Or is this law only for Big Brother?
- Hold it! Georgia outlaws recording at a polling place. So do Florida and other places.
-If I’m photographing me, what’s the deal? Isn’t this part of my Freedom of the Press?
-We should have more photographing in polling places, not less. Maybe we would find out what’s going on there.

MEETING PLACE -- Interactive Flickr Now for everyone. Yahoo has finished a redesign of its Flickr home page that emphasizes the photo-sharing site's social aspects. The new home page shows off more of a user's own photos and more from the user's contacts, and it surfaces social activity such as comments on the user's photos, replies to comments the user made on others' photos, and new photos posted to the user's Flickr groups.

15 Oct, 2008 | Posted by: photosource

THE EYES OF THE WORLD is a proposition that promotes the
notion that citizens with a camera are just as eligible to
bring us visual reality as journeymen in the journalistic trade.
Here at PhotoStockNOTES you can share your newsworthy
information that applies to stock photography.

We welcome your participation.

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PPPP -- Photograph Your Polling Place - The Polling Place Photo Project is a nationwide experiment in citizen journalism that encourages voters to capture, post and share photographs of this year's primaries, caucuses and general election.
TAKEAWAY: Be sure to vote first, lest a person with a shiny badge taps you on the shoulder and halls you off for an i.d. check.