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25 Feb, 2009 | Posted by: photosource

Stealth Camera Phones Exposed!
There is a new bill in Congress designed to address the rampant problem of cell phone cameras, at least according to the bill's author, Peter King (R-NY).

(If you're curious, it's HR414, Camera Phone Predator Alert Act.) It is designed to address the ever-proliferating voyeuristic images caught by cell phone cameras by requiring them to make a sound "audible within a reasonable radius of the phone whenever a photograph is taken with the camera in such phone."

No mention of video recording devices, "spy" cameras, nor what to do about all the current noiseless cell phone cameras in use and production. Strange as this may sound, there is apparently a similar law in Japan, where such image-taking is on the scale of a national pastime. Will it happen here? Quien sabe.

Password Security

Yes, I know they are annoying, and some places where they are used, like online banking sites, seem to require ever-stranger and difficult-to-remember strings of characters.
Like, "your password must be 8-10 characters, including at least one upper case letter and one numeral..." and not be anything we don't like or think is too easy to guess.

So, naturally, the password-using public tends to pick one character string, use it for everything possible, and tries their best not to have to change it on any site.

Well, here's some interesting news. A small website recently had their database of some 20,000 users hacked, and the list posted on the web. InformationWeek analyzed the data and found some disturbing trends.

First is the fact that the website is a message board for people interested in programming, and one would think such techies would know better. Or maybe, being just a message board, the users didn't care much about their passwords.

So, here are just a few of the highlights from the analysis. The most popular password (3% of users), and considered the most-used password today, was "123456."

The second most popular password was "password," or variants. Bet you guessed that one, right? Of the top 20 most-used passwords were these, "dragon," "master," and "killer." And of course, patterns were popular, like "abc123," and "qwerty." You may stop reading now and go fix your passwords.