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24 Feb, 2009 | Posted by: photosource

SPREADING THE WORD. Images tell the story of homelessness, AIDS and more. While most non-profits can't afford high-end photography, multimedia and social media are becoming powerful tools for spreading humanitarian messages. Such photography in support of non-profits is getting a boost from Getty Images, which is starting a project called Grants for Good.

I Heart Magazine i s a just-launched street photography publication that targets photographers, designers, musicians, and collectors worldwide. A feature on pop culture products is also included in the magazine.
Addam Winsenburg is the creative director of the title, which is produced in the US by I Heart Publishing and distributed globally. Winsenburg hopes to publish triannually or quarterly. Freelance photographic submissions are accepted. Details are posted at

18 Feb, 2009 | Posted by: photosource

HEY! THATíS ME IN THAT ART SHOW. Ė At this art exhibit in Minneapolis, the portrait subjects are all unknown to the artist, painted from anonymous images selected from online stock photography databases. The composition and size of the portraits on view ó a series of more than 50 faces, all 12.5 inches by16.5 inches, in gouache on paper ó are immediately evocative of entertainment-industry head shots. As you wander through the gallery, the portraits, seen together, offer a taxonomy of youth.

TAKEAWAY: Hereís a naÔve use of someone elseís stock photo. Is it copyright infringement? Well, itís naÔve copying, yes, but itís also charming and itís art (the usual blanket justification) featured in a nationally-known art gallery. Can we fault the innocent infringer, especially when the intent was to ďmake artĒ? Who knows. Letís vote on it.

11 Feb, 2009 | Posted by: photosource

DELICATE VOTE. New Hampshire resident barred from taking pictures at meeting. Atkinson, NH resident Gary Brownfield was taking photographs at the town's deliberative session Saturday, but was told almost immediately that he had to stop. Moderator Frank Polito stopped discussion and asked Brownfield to stop taking photographs, saying he was causing a disturbance. Polito went so far as to put the question to voters, asking the audience whether Brownfield's photography should be banned, and they overwhelmingly agreed.
TAKEAWAY: Some citizens are all too quick to give up their rights.

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GETTING YOU WHERE YOU LIVE. In the next month, Blue Dasher's fleet of image capture vehicles will photograph every public street and highway in the Tampa-St. Pete metro area. The company's searchable database allows users to visually explore and navigate a neighborhood from ground level through panoramic street-level photographs.

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BEFORE ITS TIME. Gettyís citizen journalism site, Scoopt Shuts Down. Here's Why It Failed. - The small photo agency within Getty Images stopped last February 6th 2009. Hereís a letter Scoopt sent to members announcing the shutdown.

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03 Feb, 2009 | Posted by: photosource

CAMERAS AT WORK. Are You Being Watched? Every day, tens of thousands of visitors come to Jerusalem's Mahane Yehuda market, to throng around the stalls packed with fruit and vegetables, and buy from the colorful hawkers. And their movements are being watched by surveillance cameras.

-- Bid to rein in cellphone photography may prove to be tone deaf, critics say. A New York congressman has introduced a bill that would force U.S. phone manufacturers to program an audible tone that plays every time the cellphone's camera is used, in an effort to stem the voyeuristic tide of revealing, unauthorized photography.