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20 Oct, 2009 | Posted by: photosource

ART FORM -- 'Cell Tango' combines computer programming and photography at Wellesley College. Merging art with technology, conceptual artists George Legrady and Angus Forbes have transformed ubiquitous and often annoying cell phones into paint brushes for the 21st century. Jim Olson, the museum's coordinator of technology, said "Cell Tango" is "about the way people, technology and information intersect."

14 Oct, 2009 | Posted by: photosource

'Father of Fibre Optics' and digital photography pioneers share Nobel Prize in Physics. That you are able to read this article and view the accompanying picture is due in no small part to the work of the three scientists who have just been awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics.

07 Oct, 2009 | Posted by: photosource

TRIUMPHERATE -- Three Americans whose 1960s research laid the foundation for today's world of computerized images.,0,6386238.story?track=rss
TAKEAWAY: Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if these physicists had accomplished their digital outcome one hundred fifty(150) years ago? It would have eliminated toxic wastes, air polluted darkroom environments, dangerous stop bath chemicals, other chemicals injurious to human health, both through contact and from breathing, unsafe powders, toxic waste that adversely affect sources of underground drinking water. Yuck! What were we doing? -RE