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02 Dec, 2009 | Posted by: photosource

by Bill Hopkins

GREEN TVs? California (May Be) Leading The Way. As California goes, so goes the nation, or so we’ve heard. Therefore, this may be something to watch. The California Energy Commission, CEC ( has proposed changes to the Appliance Efficiency Standards that would increase the energy efficiency of new TVs sold in California. Beginning in 2011, new sets would have to reduce energy consumption by 33%, and by 49% starting 2013. Already, over 1000 sets currently meet the 2011 standards. This is important because, energy-wise, those big TVs consume about 10% of a home’s electricity. Some say big sets would disappear in CA, others say no way. There will be public hearings, etc., as in any proposed rule-making.

LOOKING FOR A DEAL…? We all know about Black Friday. And we’ve heard about Cyber Monday. Black Friday is the day of the year most major retailers rely on to get into the black on their balance sheets. Or so they say. In reality, Black Friday originated with the Philadelphia police in the 1960s, using it to describe the heavy city traffic on the day after Thanksgiving caused by all the shoppers looking for a deal. Fearing that the negative spin and visions of heavy traffic would keep shoppers away, retailers started saying it was the day they’d turn a profit. And Cyber Monday, the Monday after Black Friday, was originally a marketing gimmick created five years ago to get shoppers using the web. And it’s never been the top online sales day. So, did you contribute to Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or did you split your allegiance?

HTTP//$-%^apres/vous>IV<&*.com…Internet Addressing.. It’s taken a few years, but top-level domain names will soon be able to be written in other than the Roman alphabet. Currently, portions of a web address can be written in other characters, but the familiar .com and other suffixes must be in Roman. The change will allow the top-level domain to be written using 17 other languages including traditional and simplified Chinese, Russian Cyrillic, Arabic, French, Korean Hangul and Hebrew.

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