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26 May, 2010 | Posted by: photosource

PHOTO BAN IS UNLAWFUL -- The Marine Life Protection Act Initiative has reversed its ban on photography and filming at work sessions, following news coverage that called the legality of that ban into question. SOURCE: FRANK HARTZELL; Mendocino Beacon

WHERE ARE MY PHOTOS? -- Photography Studio Owners Due In Court. The owners of Forever In Time Photography in Salem, NH are scheduled to make a court appearance Thursday on charges of violating the Consumer Protection Act.
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19 May, 2010 | Posted by: photosource

YOUR RIGHTS -- Getty Images Launches 'Stock Photo Rights' Site. It's often a difficult thing to figure out rights management when you buy something from a stock site. Be it video, music, photography, or what have you, if you're working at an interdisciplinary type of shop, where your finished product will appear in all sorts of different mediums, those lines can get blurry as to where you're allowed to use things and how much you need to pay for the rights. SOURCE: Steve Delahoyde

12 May, 2010 | Posted by: photosource

ITíS YOURS -- So You Think You Own Your Own Photographs? Iím sure many of you have heard in the news about the Digital Economy Bill. It introduced powers to cut your Internet connection if youíre caught illegally downloading films, music or software, but most damaging to us photographers income and rights, it tried to take our photographs too!

05 May, 2010 | Posted by: photosource

NO CAN DO -- Photographer Arrested While Photographing Graffiti Artists - Jonas Lara is an artist and photographer working on a long-term project to document artists both in their lives and in the process of their artwork. On February 4th 2010, while photographing 2 graffiti artists painting a mural in Los Angeles. He was arrested and initially charged with Felony Vandalism. SOURCE: Caroln Wright, (photo

UNDER THE EARTHQUAKE -- News Agency Suing Photographer It Stole Photos From - AFP (Agences-News-Presse) is suing a Haitian photojournalist for "antagonistic assertion of [his] rights" after it distributed his news-breaking earthquake photos without his permission. AFP is mad because the photographer, Daniel Morel, sent cease and desist letters to numerous AFP clients, allegedly made false and defamatory statements about AFP, and made unreasonable monetary demands of AFP for infringement. Source: David Walker pdNEWS

Photographer Scott Nathan is singing Lindsay Lohan for owing him money according to his lawsuit filings. Apparently, Nathan shot a few photos of Lohan for her fashion line 6126 not too long ago and in return, he was told that he would receive 1% interest on all sales. Nathan is claiming that he didnít receive any interest.