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30 Jun, 2010 | Posted by: st

Chase Jarvis TECH: Complete Workflow and Backup for Photo + Video - This video covers all the ins and outs, the theory and the details of our complete photo and video workflow from capture to archive and everything in between.
TAKEAWAY: And the computer was going to make photography easier and simplified?

JUGGLING THE WORK -- Still/Video Convergence: A Documentary Team Goes Behind the Scenes at Miss USA - Multimedia journalists Tim Gruber and Jenn Ackerman describe how they landed a major beauty pageant account, and how they juggle video and still photography to document the events. SOURCE: David Walker

-- AdoramaTV Educational Videos - Adorama ( announced the launch of AdoramaTV – a new video channel featuring an ongoing series of free weekly educational videos designed to help everyone interested in photography become a better photographer. The weekly schedule:
• Monday: “Digital Photography 1 on 1”
• Tuesday: “How’d They Do That?”
• Wednesday: “Product Reviews”
• Thursday: “iPhone and iPad App Reviews”
• “Behind the Scenes” segments will be posted as they become available.

09 Jun, 2010 | Posted by: photosource

-- Moose Peterson: Cleaning the Gear - Moose is fastidious when it comes to cleaning his gear. In this four-part video series, “Cleaning da Gear,” Moose walks through his post-shooting nightly cleaning routine.