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25 Aug, 2010 | Posted by: psnotes

THEIR SECRET -- Practice, Practice, Practice - Pick out any well-respected photographer whose work you admire and you’ll find they’re constantly experimenting. They’re always practicing, listening to their clients and paying close attention to the trends in the market. SOURCE:

SOLD! -- Photographers Reveal The Details Behind Their First Sales - "What types of pictures are people selling through PhotoShelter?" Grover Sanschagrin emailed 26 random PhotoShelter members who had made at least 1 sale since Jan 1, 2010 to answer this question.
TAKEAWAY: Putting your pictures with a microstock site is like sitting in a chair at a weekend art fair. You meet nice people and get nice comments about your work. Rarely do you make a sale. But in the new millenium, the SEARCH systems on the Internet offer you a better way of getting buyers to come to you. LESSON learned: Start building a strong KEYWORD base for your specialized editorial stock photography.

CLEAR VOICE -- How to Record Quality Sound for Multimedia - While DSLRs that shoot HD video promise an easy way to shoot high quality video, the weakness of many videos photographers have shot this way is in audio recordings. It’s best to have a location sound person to record, monitor and manage audio, especially when shooting sync video with DSLR cameras

HAUNTING -- Infrared photography gives haunting view of Dallas using infrared photo techniques. A tilt-shift lens adds extra shimmer to some of the moody scenes. SOURCE: EVANS CAGLAGE / Dallas Morning News

WHEN INSIDE -- Dan Bailey: ”As outdoor photographers, we often find ourselves doubling as travel photographers, which means that sometimes we end up shooting inside. And since we outdoor types like to light and fast, we don’t always carry extra strobes or additional lighting equipment that the indoor guys like to schlep around.” SOURCE: Dan Bailey

WORKFLOW -- The Digital Darkroom, photo editing steps. Hank Plumley: “One of the most frustrating things for me when I was starting out was the number of times I went back into my photo editing software to add to, delete, or change something on an image that I thought was done.

18 Aug, 2010 | Posted by: psnotes

CROPPING -- Old issue, still ignored by most. Dreamstime: “We keep getting emails from buyers where they complain about poor cropping of images. Not poor compositions, but poor cropping in regards for file usability. We were asked to pass the next comment directly to our community.

WORKFLOW -- David Boswell: “I mainly use 2 programs in my photography: Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop CS5. I use Lightroom for all my cataloguing and keywording and for my initial processing of the RAW image (if you are serious about photography you should be shooting in RAW)and then fine-tune the photo in Photoshop (PS).

FROM THE BOAT -- How To Take Great Photos from a Boat; Steve Davie: “When you travel, you’ll often end up using a variety of modes of transport: trains, buses, rickshaws, even elephants. There will also be plenty of times when you will need to take to water. Ferries, kayaks and sightseeing boats can present you with some fantastic opportunities to shoot some unique images, they can also provide countless opportunities for you to ruin your expensive equipment!”

MAKE IT BETTER -- Can These Web Sites be Saved? - Three photographers get candid criticism and advise from three experts on how to improve their websites.

FRESHEN UP -- Does Your Website Need a Face Lift? - Take a look at your website. It might be perfect or, like so many other photographers, you either need a facelift or you've overdosed on photographic Botox! Two specialties? Don’t mix them up in the same gallery. You’ll wind up confusing your clients and in the end they might go elsewhere, just because they’re looking for a photographer who’s focused on just their needs. SOURCE: Skip

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TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT -- Shooting Challenge: Abstraction We usually take pictures of people, places and things. But sometimes there's value beyond the subject itself, found in the aesthetics of the photo alone. SOURCE: Mark Wilson

Ten Things You Never Want To Do With Your Online Photography Portfolio - "Why isn't my site getting any traffic?" and "Why aren't people contacting me online?" Here are 10 frequent mistakes- do you see yourself here?

BE PREPARED -- Tips for Successful Stock Shoots. John Lund: “ I asked this woman model if her family might like to model for a shoot and the answer was a resounding "yes" and a great concept stock shot of ethnic families facing adversity with togetherness and teamwork.

04 Aug, 2010 | Posted by: psnotes

CIRCUMVENT GETTY -- Be a Good Photography Seller - “I have never had such a horrible time trying to acquire rights than when a client wants something off Flickr, DeviantArt or Twitpics, or similar,” one designer told us. “I’ve had several instances where people on those sites were hiding behind aliases and either don’t check their comments, PMs or email, or they just don’t believe we are offering them money to use their photos or they may think we are scamming them somehow.”

TAKEAWAY: Getty takes 70% for their services.

Backing Up:
10 Steps to Peace of Mind When Traveling in the Digital Age - The best system is one that is not only simple but also one that is redundant and safe. Here is what Greg Downing does step by step, to ensure his images are safe, easy to access and redundant! SOURCE: Greg Downing

YUM! YUM! -- 11 Essential Food Photography Tips From Top Food Photographers - Some great food photographers shared how they advanced in food photography and gave some very practical and useful tips that we all can use when we take food photos. SOURCE:

GETTING IT RIGHT -- Group photos. Ugh! Here are five tips from a pro. Any group shot has the potential of becoming a train wreck — an out-of-control portrait But when the photo is an assignment you at least have the opportunity to prepare for what might go wrong in advance.