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04 Aug, 2010 | Posted by: psnotes

What is Available in Apps....?

for the Photographer?

By Lee Foster

To see what is available to the photographer in apps, start by setting up an iTunes Account (at no charge) and browse around the Apple ITunes App Store. Start at if you do not have an iTunes account. Click on the Store. You will need to have a credit card for payment and a billing address to set up your account. You will not need to buy anything.

DON'T BUY, -JUST LOOK, at first

Then begin browsing around the App Store, thinking of your area of interest, Photography... Browse, but donít buy, unless you have an iPod, iPhone, or iPad on which to view the app content. However, browsing can be informative.

To browse, once you get into iTunes, click on the App Store. Then, on the right side of the App Store choice, youíll see a dropdown menu. Choose Photography. (Ignore, for the moment, that some apps possibly of interest to you might be in a different category. For example, my travel photo guide apps are listed in Travel rather than in Photography.) Make Photography your first stop.

As you look at the iPhone Photography Apps page, what will jump out is the listing All Photography iPhone Apps. As I write this, there are 2,594 photography apps in the App Store. The creators of these products decided that what they fashioned was best categorized under Photography. Creators can put their app in only one category. As you consider all these apps, it may seem daunting to think that you will have to wade through all the 2,593 apps to find what you might want.

The Photography Apps page makes some recommendations on photography apps to help you choose. A New & Noteworthy list suggests 20 new photography apps that might be of interest. Thereís also a Whatís Hot list of 120 photography apps that Apple staff deems of greatest interest. And, on the right side of the page, you can see the 200 Top Paid Photo Apps and the 200 Top Free Photo Apps.

When a lot of people voluntarily buy a photo app, there must be something to recommend it.

The current best seller is the app iMovie ($4.99), which allows you to edit movies shot with the iPhone4. When browsing apps, be sure to click on ďMoreĒ on the right side of the description page to see the full, informative text about the app. Youíll also see a few screenshots from the app.


Another top seller is Color Splash ($1.99), which turns your photos into black-and-white but allows you to save color in a selected portion, dramatically drawing attention to this effect. Itís an interesting photo manipulation possibility. Youíll find many photo apps of this kind, stretching your creative horizons if you like to alter photos.

Browse long enough and you are likely to get hooked, determining that you will want to get an iPod, iPhone, or iPad to display apps. (Or maybe you'd like to produce an app yourself.) Next month Iíll talk about just one app, which I purchased and use often. This app can make almost every photographerís life easier, happier, and more productive. Iíll leave you wondering until next month what that app might be.


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