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15 Sep, 2010 | Posted by: psnotes

Who You Gonna Call?

When your computer starts acting up, from slowness to weird stuff to viruses and malware, what can you do? There are many options, from the kid down the street to an on-site visit by a technician, to hauling the computer to a repair shop.
Another option that's gaining ground is remote access. That's where a technician connects to your computer via your broadband Internet connection *and takes over control during the session.
Sometimes you have to download control software, sometimes you just go to a specific Internet site and enter a code that the tech gives you. You can see what they're doing, communicate via a chat window, and are able to terminate the connection at any time, though it may be a challenge to regain control of the mouse to click on the "terminate session" button.

This kind of help is useful for software and hardware compatibility issues, performance problems, etc., but, of course, can't help you with physical problems like broken hardware. And it certainly can beat taking the computer into a shop and waiting days or longer to be checked out and/or repaired.
Prices vary for one-session pricing from about $20 to $125. Some also offer hourly pricing.

Here are four you can check out:,,, and
Also, don't forget to check with your computer's manufacturer, especially if still under warranty, for similar remote diagnostic help.

* note that most remote diagnostic services will not want to help you over a dial-up connection, just because it's too slow for their liking.

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