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22 Sep, 2010 | Posted by: psnotes

Photo Metadata Conference - "Using Metadata To Power Your Business" Photo Metadata Conference
"Using Metadata To Power Your Business"
9 June 2010
Dublin, Ireland(Europe)

15 Sep, 2010 | Posted by: psnotes

FAST FINDER -- One of our most popular research reports ever just got updated. Savvy photographers have seen for themselves how Search Engine Optimization can drive new eyeballs to their websites. 2010 SEO Cookbook for Photographers

IT TAKES TENACITY -- Matt Brandon: “ There are several things taking my time up lately and most of them are rather mundane. I’m spending a lot of time keywording photographs. For some of you, this is not very important, all you need to do is keyword an image so you can find it quickly in your library. However, for many of us, this task, however painful and boring is critical. It ensures that others who are looking for a photograph can find what they are looking for. So someone who’s looking for a story, a concept or even a thought that needs to be illustrated with an image, will be able to type into a search engine a word that hopefully illustrates that point and presto, an image fitting their need pops up! It’s boring and tedious work to keyword photographs. But if you want to sell your images you need to have good keywording
TAKEAWAY: The digital era has made library scientists out of all of us. Keywording will be the essential key for sales in the future. It has also made us specialists where we learn the easiest route to success in stock photography is to begin photographing in a specialized niche you really enjoy. Once you collect a good selection of images, photobuyers who need your subject area will start coming to you for two reasons. 1.) you have a deep selection of images in an area they are presently researching. 2.) keywording is not difficult or boring because you are shooting subject matter that you enjoy. Besides you are familiar with the vocabulary and i.d. of the pictures. No thesaurus is needed.
The benefits of working this way: 1.) You are on a first-name basis with your buyers. 2.) you develop a monopoly in this sector. 3.) You are able to consult with the buyer which makes you a mini-expert they go back to whenever they need pictures in your category of interest.

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SYNONYMS -- Top 10 Keywording Tips for Stock Photographers .

GOOGLE: WHERE’s MY DATA? -- When Google reduces an image to a thumbnail, very often the metadata goes missing. Google for its image search feature produces thumbnails of images from web sites, and in making those fails to include the ownership information. However, standard industry guidelines - such as the Metadata Manifesto from the Stock Artists Alliance – says that ownership metadata should not be removed.
TAKEAWAY: You could lose important keywords that could draw a potential photobuyer to your site.

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IN THEIR SHOES -- Nectar3D: “Despite knowing there are plenty of articles already published on this topic, in DT, I just couldn't stop myself from sharing a few points. In my last blog article I wrote this: "If your keywords are not relevant enough your wonderful portfolio is not going to work up to your expectation." Also the same applies on category selection as well.
Now it is very easy to repeat these words in various forms but the real issue is how to do it? Well, it depends to a large extent on the flexibility of your mind. Not very easy as it sounds, because you have to forget you are a contributor while typing keywords. Rather become a buyer.
TAKEAWAY: Yes, try to think like a buyer searching for your picture. A buyer will often need more than the emotional appeal of the picture. The location of the tree, The name, the specieis, the time of year, etc.