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29 Sep, 2010 | Posted by: psnotes

A PICTURE OF A PICTURE -- When Itís Illegal to Photograph Artwork - Have you ever taken the photo-approach to obtaining cheap art? What are your strategies for inexpensively decorating your walls? SOURCE: Jennifer Saranow Schultz ; NYTimesblog

22 Sep, 2010 | Posted by: psnotes

FAIR RULES -- NPPA Endorses Artists Bill Of Rights For Photography Contests - Administered by the Pro-Imaging organization, based in the United Kingdom, the Bill of Rights comprises a straightforward set of best practices for conducting photography contests aimed at professionals, amateurs or both. In addition to sharing its guidelines, Pro-Imaging alerts photographers to contests that adhere to its Bill of Rights, as well as those that decline to change their rules Ė or even reply Ė when alerted to problems.

15 Sep, 2010 | Posted by: psnotes

ITíS YOUR RIGHT -- David Weintraub: ď The First Amendment gives photographers and videographers almost unlimited freedom to make images in public places. This includes every place from Wall Street to Main Street ó streets, plazas, parks, bridges, shopping malls, industrial parks, city-owned airports, and transit systems. Clearly, the rights of image makers and the protections guaranteed by the First Amendment are not always respected by those in authority.Ē SOURCE: David Weintraub
TAKEWAY. Security guards are usually the biggest obstacle for photographers these days. A friend was photographing the The Pine Bend Oil Refinery on U.S. Highway 52 south of St. Paul, MN and a security guard made him leave. My friend went home and got the pictures he needed off of Google Images. I just checked and there are five good pictures of the facility up there still.
Many corporations are thankful for the publicity. Security guards donít realize this. A friend was completing an architectural coffee table book in Miami. A security guard asked him to leave when he was photographing a new business structure there. The photographer used his cell phone to call up to the CEO of the business who thanked him for the publicity and told the security guard to get the hell away from his property.Ē -RE

08 Sep, 2010 | Posted by: psnotes

THATíS MINE! -- Kodak sues for phone royalties. It argues Apple, RIM are using its technologies.

THE LATEST ON ANSEL -- Ansel Adams archive enters the fray. The Center for Creative Photography sides with those who contend that a trove of negatives wasn't shot by Ansel Adams.

01 Sep, 2010 | Posted by: psnotes

COPYCATS -- The Dangers of Being a Successful Photographer. The biggest risk is that your photographs will be copied and used without your permission. To some extent thatís almost inevitable.

MYTHOLOGY 101 -- Donít Buy In to the Model Release Myth - Itís the myth of the model release for editorial use. Photography columnists, unaware of their First Amendment rights, have been fanning the fires of this issue for years. .
TAKEAWAY: If you read the comments, youíll see that ďmythsĒ die hard,or maybe you canít kill them. -RE