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26 Jan, 2011 | Posted by: psnotes

SHOOTING CHALLENGE -- Long exposure. Night and Day. Say, for instance, tonight is a full moon. And whether you live in the country or the city, you'll take a picture tonight, but you'll make it look like day. How? That's the challenge.

PHOTO EDITING WITH GARY CRABBE – An often overlooked skill that is essential for all photographers to learn is photo editing. One of the best methods to improve one’s photo editing skills is to learn from an experienced photo editor. For that task Jim Goldstein approached professional photographer and photo editor, Gary Crabbe, who was kind enough to share his knowledge on the subject.

MONITOR VS PRINT -- – Beyond Monitor Calibration – Get Prints That Match Your Display! - One of the most frustrating things that can happen to any photographer is getting prints that don’t look like the image that we saw on our monitor. Free Webinar, Tuesday, February 15th , 1PM EST SOURCE: Scott Bourne

BUILDING A BETTER ONLINE PORTFOLIO - Heads-up on a great free webinar happening Thursday, January 27 4-5pm Photographer portfolio expert and Pulitzer Prize-winning photo editor Stella Kramer will be leading a very informative PhotoShelter webinar titled "Build a Better Online Portfolio." SOURCE: PhotoShelter.

19 Jan, 2011 | Posted by: psnotes

MAKEOVER -- John Lund: “Often re-visiting old ideas and concepts, such as (in this case) business people on ladders, and coming up with new treatments and your own personal vision and style can boost the success of your stock photo production efforts.”

PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY -- Tips – How to Take Great Portrait Photographs
A portrait photograph should communicate something interesting or attractive about the subject. There are certain portrait photography tips which can help you take great photos. SOURCE: Katherine Murphy ;

SIMPLE SHOOTING -- Shoot What You Have, Shoot Where You Are - One of the lessons that I’ve recently learned and have tried to take to heart is a simple one… just shoot. Don’t obsess over having your entire lens collection with you so that you can get the “perfect” shot. Chances are you’ll miss the shot while you’re fumbling with a lens change, anyway. And don’t forgo taking the shot if the light isn’t “just so”, shoot what you see. You’re there, you have the opportunity, and even if conditions aren’t perfect. SOURCE: Tiffany Joyce

Step by Step: How’s Your Website? Everyone has their own opinion on what makes an effective website, but here are the only things that matter: When people find your website, do they stay and look around or, are they gone in a flash moving on to one of your competitors?” SOURCE: Skip Cohen

12 Jan, 2011 | Posted by: psnotes

CONCEPTUAL STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY – Best Selling Concepts. Conceptual stock photography has become increasingly popular. Many digital camera enthusiasts have found they are able to make extra money or even launch a career selling conceptual stock photography.
SOURCE: Ellena Wittman via John Best
TAKEAWAY. Hold on. The way the author describes it, this in no more than “cookie cutter” photography; that is, “you shoot what’s popular, what’s selling.” The obvious result is an overcrowded market, plus you become lost in the crowd of everyone shooting the ‘popular, current’ subject matter. Instead, shoot concepts, yes, but shoot what interests you most. You’ll find a market for it, - Don’t worry. Use Google to find which market (s) is waiting to buy the photography you love to shoot-… not what’s currently popular. –RE .

Five Ways To Know Your Photos Aren’t Cutting It. Scott Bourne: “ - It’s important to note that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You may have different opinions, but try to focus on the general idea.

PRICING PRINTS -- 14 Ways to Increase Photo Print Sales - How can photographers sell more prints? Grover Sanschagrin asked a panel of photographers who have proven to be successful at selling prints. From their responses he was able to make a list of their top suggestions.
TAKEAWAY: Picasso once said, “You can sell a painting for $250, or $2,500, or $25,000. It all depends on how long you are willing to wait.”

05 Jan, 2011 | Posted by: psnotes

TRAVEL SHOTS IN THE SNOW -- Steve Davey: “The snow may have passed in much of the UK, but if you’re planning a skiing holiday or are off anywhere icy, there are plenty of opportunities for fantastic photography – as long as you know how to deal with the conditions." Steve Davey is once again on hand with expert tips and advice for getting those classic shots…”
SOURCE: Steve Davey

SHOOTING FIREWORKS -- So how do you go about photographing fireworks? First, make sure that you have a camera that can be operated manually. Look for a “B” or bulb setting. You’ll also want to be able to focus manually. SOURCE: Craig Ferguson

Photo Composition Tip – Iteration – Scott Bourne
“If you want to make strong compositions, look for repeating themes. Whether making a portrait or any other photograph repeating themes can make your shot more impactful.”

THE PRICE OF PRINTS -- How To Avoid Pricing Yourself Out Of Business – Grover Sanschagrin interviewed Dean Oros, a full-time professional photographer based in Toronto, Canada who is successful at pricing and selling prints.

THE PERFECT PRESS RELEASE For Photographers -- Lori Osterberg; “If you are new to owning your own business, you may not have discovered the magic of press releases yet. Every single day, media outlets around the globe are in search of news. But before you get excited about possibilities, you have to master the creation of the perfect press release first." SOURCE: Lori Osterberg;

PLANNING A WEBSITE? -- Maria Piscopo asked four professional photographers to share their website marketing success stories. Visit their websites as a companion to this article. SOURCE: Maria Piscopo