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26 Jan, 2011 | Posted by: psnotes

BIG PRIZE -- Apple Gives $10,000 to the One Who Downloads 10th Billion App, MacPhun Gives Additional $5,000 MacPhun LLC, developer of photo and video apps, promises additional bonus from $1000 to $5000 to the one who downloads the 10th billion app from the App Store. $1000 – if it is any app from Photography category,

AOL Set to Launch ‘Editions’ iPad Magazine App
AOL appears to be readying an all new magazine app designed specifically for the iPad. The app, titled Editions, appears to be a news reader in the style of the popular Flipboard and Pulse news readers. While the company has not released details about their latest push into the Apple App Store, they did release a video on YouTube talking about the new app.

05 Jan, 2011 | Posted by: psnotes

READ ALL ABOUT IT -- Now You Can Get Magazines On Kindle - Amazon is doing its bit to bring magazine style reading experiences to digital devices. Amazon has just launched a magazine service for Android. The company is offering free trials on many magazines. The service is live and anyone with a mobile device can install the Kindle app for free and start reading the magazines on their phone or tablet.

EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE -- You Thought Condé Nast Was Only Cheap to Photographers? - Photographers who shoot for Condé Nast publications–those who don’t have lucrative contracts with the publisher, that is —know that the company hasn’t shared these economic windfalls with its contributors. But photographers aren’t the only ones who sacrifice payment in exchange for the exposure they hope to get, fashion models help Condé Nast by working for far less than they could make in non-editorial work. SOURCE: Holly Hughes