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30 Mar, 2011 | Posted by: st

SELLING PHOTOS -- ‘How to Sell Prints’, by PhotoShelter, releases a 44-page free guide covering the essential tactics all photographers must consider when selling their photography as prints.

BRUSH UP ON YOUR SPACE PHOTOGRAPHY -- NASA's Astronaut's Photography Manual [Photography] available. Hasselblad has uploaded its old NASA astronaut's photography manual to its site. SOURCE: Kat Hannaford!5783905/brush-up-on-your-space-photography-with-nasas-astronauts-photography-manual

ANSEL, MAKE ROOM FOR LEE VARIS! -- Free Photography Webinar: The New Digital Zone System - In this two-day online seminar, you'll learn about the modern re-imagining of a classic methodology for enhancing photographic quality. PART 1 (April 5th from 11am-1:30pm PST), PART 2 (April 26th 11am-1:30pm PST) SOURCE: CreativePro ;

EXTRA PUBLICITY: How To Get Your Wedding Photos Published Editorially. Rebecca Crumley of The Knot explains where she looks for the real-wedding images she publishes, and how photographers should—and should not—submit story ideas. In constantly looking through photographers’ blogs, photo submissions to the magazines and portfolios, she also looks for images The Knot can license for use as story illustrations or in online slide shows. She talked to Photo District News about what she looks for when evaluating photographers’ work, and the most effective way for photographers to get her attention.
Besides great images, what inspires you to feature photos of a wedding?
Are you looking at blogs to find photographers, or are you looking for weddings to feature?
Have any of these blogs led you to feature weddings they’ve posted?
Do you look at printed promos?
SOURCE: Photo District NEWS

23 Mar, 2011 | Posted by: st

STREET PHOTOGRAPHY -- Five Ways To Make You a Better Photographer. Chris: ”Do you shoot street photography? Many photographers (especially photojournalists) do street photography to keep their minds fresh and sharpen their skills. Additionally, you can teach yourself new things that will make you a better photographer. Here are a couple of ways that street photography can help you to become a better photographer.”
SOURCE: Chris Gampat

SELF-ASSIGNMENTS -- Scott: “No doubt about it – one way to improve your photography is to give yourself assignments. With that in mind, I’ve come up with a few ideas to get you started. SOURCE: Scott Bourne

Turn Your Laptop into a Photo Light Box - PhotoJoJo: “Could you pick your laptop out of a lineup? This quickie project not only makes your laptop stand out in a sea of computer clones but also shows off your photo + DIY skills to your co-workers and cafe cohorts”.

16 Mar, 2011 | Posted by: psnotes

OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHY -- Jerry Monkman: ”How to sell a picture... while having a strong on-line presence is a key part of any photographer’s business, it is only one small tool in actually selling images. Even though I have about 15,000 images on-line, they don’t sell themselves, even with good search engine results. To make consistent sales you need consistent marketing.”
PHOTO: Jerry Monkman

GET IT ON PAPER -- Judy Hermann: “Good paperwork is essential... but it’s no substitute for good upfront verbal communication – communication that can make the difference between a happy client who’s gotten exactly what they need and a client whose expectations were so different from yours that they’re ready to see you in court. SOURCE:

02 Mar, 2011 | Posted by: psnotes

SHOOTING CHALLENGE: Upside Down. Try to find that unique perspective that occurs when you, as a human being, are joyfully disoriented by this other view.!5768173/shooting-challenge-upside-down

STILL WORKS -- Skip Cohen: “Step by Step: Doing a Direct Mail Campaign - Direct mail has come full circle. Before we all ventured out and staked our claims in cyberspace, doing a simple postcard was a primary vehicle to any promotion. Let’s just talk about the postcard as a marketing tool.”

COLOR MANAGEMENT -- Steve Berardi: “I’ve actually just recently started printing my images, so I’m still a newbie myself when it comes to color management. But, I recently found these three great articles that collectively give a good intro to this somewhat complex topic”: SOURCE: Steve Berardi

How to Distribute Your Self-Published Book - Distributing a self-published book can be just as challenging—albeit in a different way—and time consuming as creating the book itself. Depending on the type of book you’ve produced, there are both online and brick-and-mortar options for selling your work. SOURCE: Conor Risch