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29 Jun, 2011 | Posted by: st

MOUNTAIN MAN, He Cut a Fresh Path in Mountain Photography. Jules Beck, mountain climber and pioneer in adventure photography, is getting his first one-man show more than a century after his death.

MUSIC MAN -- 'Ansel Adams America' blends photography and music. The late Ansel Adams is known for his powerful black and white images of the American West, yet many people are unaware that before he was a photographer, he was a concert pianist. "Photographers are in a sense composers," he once said, "and the negatives are their scores." SOURCE: Silvia Pettem

22 Jun, 2011 | Posted by: st

UNFAMOUS PHOTOGRAPHER -- The most famous Canadian photographer you’ve never heard of. Wandering through George Hunter’s Mississauga, Ont., studio, one gets the distinct impression of flipping through Canada’s scrapbook His images have appeared on currency, stamps and in textbooks and galleries across the country. SOURCE: Jodi White
PHOTO: Simon Bell

DIGITAL VISUAL INTERACTIONS -- C.R.: “ Fishing the Photo Stream: Penelope Umbrico's (photographs) –Few people have parsed our visual culture with the esthetic and conceptual chops of Penelope Umbrico. In her work Umbrico often appropriates or re-photographs existing images and, by gathering and presenting them with titles that draw attention to the “contingent relationships between the photographs,” suggests ideas and, indeed, narratives about the photographs and photography that are far different from those intended by the photographer or the original publisher of the image. SOURCE: Conor Risch ;
PHOTO: Penelope Umbrico

08 Jun, 2011 | Posted by: st

OFF TO CHINA -- John Lund heard that Shannon Fagan, well-known NYC stock photographer, is breaking new ground in China. He caught him for an e-mail-type interview. He is a past president of the Stock Artists Alliance. Lund asked, "Why China?". His answer was pretty cool.