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22 Jun, 2011 | Posted by: st

Check that you have the right to use the images on your website, small businesses warned
Small business owners are being urged to check the images they are using on their websites in order to guard against costly copyright claims.

The Forum of Private Business issued the warning after a noticeable increase in calls to its member helpline on the issue in recent months, with several businesses receiving letters demanding payment for unwittingly using copyrighted pictures.

Instead, by buying images from reputable stock photography websites and using them in an acceptable way, business owners can prove that they bought the rights to use the image. Some companies even offer a legal guarantee to protect a business if it is accused of copyright infringement by the original artist.


08 Jun, 2011 | Posted by: st

USE CONDITIONS IN YOUR LICENSES -- Carolyn E. Wright Esq. “The language in your licenses can affect your options for recovery if your photos are used without your permission. Include language such as “No rights are granted to Client until Photographer has received payment in full.”

IN PUBLIC – YOU’RE AT RISK -- Judge: Celebrities Who Walk Red Carpets Consent To Photos Being Sold – Erig Gardner: “A California judge has ruled that celebrities who walk down the red carpet at a Hollywood event imply their consent to the use of their likeness in photographs. The ruling dismissed a class action lawsuit brought by Shirley Jones, star of the TV series The Partridge Family.

01 Jun, 2011 | Posted by: st

HEY! THAT’S MINE ! -- Twitpic: Laundering Images of Owners’ Rights – :David Walker: "A London celebrity photo agency that has won rights to distribute pictures posted on Twitpic has told PDN that it has “no direct relationship with those posting images on Twitpic.” The statement implies that the agency, World Entertainment News Network, will not share licensing revenues with the image owners: SOURCE: David Walker ;