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29 Jun, 2011 | Posted by: st

ImageBrief – Crowdsourcing Image Requests – R.H.: ”ImageBrief is a company that aims to become the marketplace where Image buyers and professional photographers can connect. The buyers post a brief with their requirements and the photographers respond with images that match. Seems simple what could possibly go wrong? Plenty of course. SOURCE: Rob:
TAKEAWAY: A site that offers Photo Needs must seem like an alien idea to the author. Our PhotoDaily has been in existence since 1985. Yes, in the pre-Internet days, photobuyers contacted us via fax and phone, and of course, now, the Internet. Many current pros learned about stock photography by subscribing to the original PhotoDaily < > We’ve had 7 copycats come along in the last two decades but none are still in existence. Photobuyers worldwide have trusted PhotoSource International when they need to find a hard-to-locate photo(s).

15 Jun, 2011 | Posted by: st

FINDING A NICHE -- And Filling It – DH: “For a couple of years now, I have been divorcing myself from the idea of shooting editorial for other people and instead learning to think more entrepreneurially. I am thinking hyper-local, and looking at the inefficiency of coherent, quality visual information about the county where I live. It just seems logical to explore the options that exist right at my doorstep as publishing continues its major upheaval.”
PHOTO: David Hobby

YOUR SHIP WILL COME IN -- The Cover Shot. Skip Cohen: “How many times have you looked at a cover of any magazine and said, “My work is better!” Or maybe you said, “I could have shot that!” Well, the point is you didn’t, but you also didn’t do anything to go after the cover and another photographer did! Here are some things to think about:

Publish EXIF Data? -- Scott Bourne: “ No. But, I wanted you to know my reasons for my choice and hopefully motivate some of you to concentrate less on gear and technique and more on art, craft and vision.
TAKEAWAY: Good point. But there’s more. EXIF data is like a digital genome of each picture you take. Different photo hosting sites may use different terms other than “EXIF”. For example, Flickr uses the word properties; Picasa web albums have an area called Photo information. Another good point, although it's not universal in cyberspace, it’s bound to be part of your photo selling arsenal: keyword search of images via IPTC standard and EXIF data in each of your photos. A French company, Kalimages, for example, offers captioning and searching of digital images using IPTC/IIM and XMP standards for photo indexation. Wouldn’t it be nice in the future to have your photo turn up in a Google search for Glastenbury Mountain because an editor was doing a springtime story on Vermont? -RE

-- Marketing During the Summer Months – Selena Maitreya: In my world, marketing during the summer months is no different than the rest of the year, assuming you have a well developed 12-month sales and marketing program. Create a solid 12-month sales and marketing program that you work consistently! Here is what your program should contain:

MARKET RISK -- "Some would say that these uncertain times warrant the greatest, boldest and yummiest risks—what do you think?" (Art buyer Heather Morton on “Risky Promotions”) Reena Newman's promo arrives in butcher paper with a weight label affixed and opens up to reveal great imagery and tasty taffy, some of it made with bacon. Morton features Newman's promo on her blog. SOURCE: PhotoDistrictNEWS

08 Jun, 2011 | Posted by: st

FIND MISSING LINKS -- Where are the promotional gaps in your market? - Skip Cohen: “Everything we do is always based on a particular mindset. Well, what if instead of trying to re-invent the wheel every time you just started looking in your community and what’s missing. What are your competitors NOT doing? Where are the opportunities that nobody is addressing?”

01 Jun, 2011 | Posted by: st

A WAY TO SAY THANK YOU -- Marketing Campaigns for Photographers – Michael Shilling: “This might sound like a strange idea for a marketing campaign Rather than leave these photographers that I’ve discovered only as a bookmark on my computer, I thought it would be a nice idea to create a post listing some of my favorites. Sometimes these articles are more of a ‘thank you’ to photographers or websites that have helped me in my journey to becoming a photographer.” SOURCE: Michael Shilling ; 100 awesome photography blogs is a good example of this.