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20 Jul, 2011 | Posted by: st

COMPUTATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY -- A novel approach to photographic imaging is making its way into cameras and smartphones. Computational photography, a sub discipline of computer graphics, conjures up images rather than simply capturing them. More computer animation than pinhole camera, in other words, though using real light refracted through a lens rather than the virtual sort. The basic premise is to use multiple exposures, and even multiple lenses, to capture information from which photographs may be derived. SOURCE: G.F./Seattle;

MISSING PHOTOGRAPHER -- Three things are usually necessary in photography: a functional camera, a subject and a photographer. Tulsa artist Geoffrey Hicks begs to differ. His installation piece, titled "The Photographer," dispenses with the human operator of the camera altogether. A digital camera is affixed to a robotic arm, similar to the ones used on automated assembly lines at some factories. .SOURCE: James D. Watts Jr.
PHOTO Geoffrey Hicks

Pixie Camera Captures Precious Pixels
Cameras were once big and bulky. Today, really good cameras fit in your pocket. And now, researchers at Cornell have developed a camera thatís just a half-millimeter on each side and a hundredth of a millimeter thick. SOURCE: Cynthia Graber