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24 Aug, 2011 | Posted by: st

ONE OF THE GREATS -- Photographer Elliott Erwitt loves babies, bare bottoms and dogs — specifically, jumping dogs. And he'll go to great lengths — however unorthodox — to get the shot. To get a dog to jump? Bark at it, Erwitt says: "You have to speak their language.... Sometimes they bark back, sometimes they jump." But it's a perilous approach. "Once, one of them peed on my leg as a consequence," he says. SOURCE: Susan Stamberg
PHOTO: Eliott Ewitt

17 Aug, 2011 | Posted by: st

Matt and Agnes Hage – M:D.: Interview with outdoor adventure photo team Matt and Agnes Hage. From their Anchorage base camp, the two branch out to assignments all over Alaska, the American West, Canada, the Pacific Islands and the Patagonian Andes. HagePhoto has worked with clients including Backpacker, Outdoor Life, Backcountry, Cascade Designs, Frommer’s Travel Guides and more. SOURCE: Matt Dutilr: --

10 Aug, 2011 | Posted by: st

SEA GLORY -- The best surf photographers in the world. Surf photographers make surfing an eternal and mystic water sport. Whether it's the beauty of the wave, the breathtaking aerial move or the face expression of the surf, water photography is always special.

HATS OFF! Photographers Revered for Their Contributions to Photography. Whether you’re an amateur or an expert photographer, there’re lots that you can learn from these masters of photography. Read on to find out more about these legends. SOURCE: Written by: Sidharth Thakur • Edited by: Elizabeth Wistrom
PHOTO: Irving Penn