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31 Aug, 2011 | Posted by: st

STOP THIEF!-- How This Pro Photographer Recovered $9k Worth of Stolen Gear – > A. : “ Professional photographer, John Heller, got $9,000 worth of gear stolen in Los Angeles. Here's how he got it all back. SOURCE: Mario Aguilar ;
TAKEAWAY: A commenter writes: “ I wonder if this could also work for images shot with a smartphone? Could be a cool way to track down a lost/stolen phone.”

24 Aug, 2011 | Posted by: st

STOP THIEF! -- Stock Photo Site Helps You Stop Image Theft by Others – T.S.: “If your photos are sold on Dreamstime, you can now easily report copyright infringement when you see it. SOURCE: Terri Stone ;

10 Aug, 2011 | Posted by: st

WHAT COMES NEXT? -- Diary of a Copyright Infringement Lawsuit – (The Defendant’s Answer) – C.W. : “Now that you’ve filed your copyright infringement lawsuit and have served the defendant (or the defendant has waived service), the defendant must now answer or otherwise respond to the complaint. Once the defendant files its answer, the battle begins. SOURCE: Carolyn Wright, Esq.

03 Aug, 2011 | Posted by: st

FUNLAND FOTO FREEZE -- Photographer Ordered To Stop Taking Photos On Coney Island, NT. C.M. “ The amusements parks in Coney Island, NT, have long been a favorite for photographers. But now that Astroland has been purchased by an Italian company named Zamperla, it has forbidden photography, according to a photographer.
SOURCE: Carlos Miller.

SEARCH FOR USE OF YOUR PHOTOS -- C.W.: “Gabriel Whiting shared with me an easy way to find your images as an alternative or addition to Tin Eye and similar services. Specifically, go to Google Images and also open a copy of an image. You just drag the image or the URL into the Google Images search box. I did a test, -several results came up, revealing that some websites are using my RSS feed to reproduce my entire blog (not cool). SOURCE: Carolyn S. Wright, Esq. ;

GOTTCHA! -- Wenger Breaks Up Counterfeiting Operation. Wenger has successfully broken up a counterfeit operation at a factory located in the Huadu district of Guangzhou, China, where several hundred fake Wenger backpacks were being manufactured. SOURCE: Photo Industry News