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31 Aug, 2011 | Posted by: st

SPECIAL EFFECTS -- What are the ethics of photography when everyone is a photographer?
How do you remain an ethical photographer when everyone's relentlessly Twitpic-ing, Facebooking and sharing pics taken from their 5 megapixel camera phones with the latest Apps installed to give artificial effects and ambience to their images? SOURCE: Jerrod Watt
Photo: Jeremy Bannister

24 Aug, 2011 | Posted by: st

NEW ART -- You can't trust a photograph ó and that's what makes it so fascinating. 'The Digital Eye': photographic art in the electronic age. Some surreal photographic visions involve no wizardry beyond elaborate staging. Other seemingly "natural" shots are the result of self-effacing camera trickery you'd never guess was at work unless you were informed about it. SOURCE: Michael Upchurch

03 Aug, 2011 | Posted by: st

U.K. Bans Digitally Airbrushed Ads
Photoshop can turn even the most unfortunate face into a centerfold lookalike, but the U.K.ís Advertising Standards Authority doesnít think it belongs in magazines. The group pulled two LíOreal ads of Christy Turlington and Julia Roberts, citing that its claims of beautification were digital fabrications. While the ruling is only a single instance, it could set a future standard for an industry built around altered images. Read the full article at
Source: Shelly Palmer