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21 Sep, 2011 | Posted by: st

IíVE BEEN HACKED! How would you react to seeing this text message on your smart phone, sent to you by your Internet-connected ride? Think it canít happen? Well, probably the warning wouldn't happen, but the hacking might. As more and more of our "everyday" items get linked to networks, the risks of a breach go up. We've all seen the car ads where someone gets locked out, calls in, and the doors magically open. Maybe even the engine starts. Well, whatís to prevent unscrupulous folk from hacking into the wireless network (typically cellular phone services) and doing the exact same thing? Or, telling the car to turn off the engine. Not much, really. Want to feel even better? Networked devices today include security systems, industrial control systems, medical devices, and even home appliances. Homeland Security views it as "a significant concern." And unlike our typical computers, most of these embedded devices cannot be updated remotely by someone who has to physically do it. And, as one industry official recently said, "You just donít reboot the power grid." Now, stop reading and at least make sure your computers have up to date security and operating system software installed.

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