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28 Sep, 2011 | Posted by: st

9/11 Sparked Decade Of Madness Against Photographers Carlos Miller: "Ten years ago today, terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Center, suddenly turning all photographers into suspected terrorists.But there has never been any evidence that terrorists used cameras to document their targets before striking them. Bruce Schneier, a man who obsesses about security more than I obsess about photographers’ rights, pointed this fact out in a memorable 2008 article which needs to be revisited today." SOURCE:

21 Sep, 2011 | Posted by: st

JAIL TIME -- Animal Rights Activist Arrested After Photographing Whale Conservancy Workers. Carlos Miller: “It started with a man taking photos from across a canal of Marine Mammal Conservancy workers standing in the water with a 12-foot whale down in the Florida Keys. It ended with a conservancy volunteer – who happened to be a Miami cop – jumping out of the water and chasing the man down in his car, detaining him at gunpoint.”

07 Sep, 2011 | Posted by: st

Appeals Court Rules It Is Not Illegal To Film Police
Despite the mass hoax still being promulgated by both the mainstream media and local authorities across America, the First Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that it is not illegal for citizens to videotape police officers when they are on public duty.
“The filming of government officials while on duty is protected by the First Amendment, said the Court,” reports Daily Tech.
SOURCE: Paul Joseph Watson