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07 Sep, 2011 | Posted by: st

GETTING THE WORD OUT -- The Newsletter As A Marketing Tool – RH: “When I give my Social Media Marketing talk to photographers, I like to break up all the talk about blogging and tweeting with an example of a good old-fashion newsletter. Michael Clark explains how a newsletter works for his business. To check out the newsletter you can download the latest issue at: SOURCE: Rob Haggert ;

WEB BUILDING -- 22Slides Portfolio Website Builder - 22Slides is a new kind of website builder for photographers and other artists, boasting simplicity, ease of use, and helpful customer support. It was built from the ground up by professional photographers.

MAKE OVER -- 7 Factors to Consider When Redesigning Your Website. Kelli Shaver: “There are very few, if any, websites on the Internet that don’t undergo at least a minor facelift at some point in their lifecycle. If you own a business with a web presence, at some point, that site will need to be redesigned, whether it’s due to the changing nature of your business, or purely for aesthetic reasons.”