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19 Oct, 2011 | Posted by: st

VISION -- Blind photographer uses senses to capture images... Tara Miller's snapshots of nature, agriculture and food has caught the eye of Canadians and netted her a top prize at a photography contest this year. But what makes this an astounding accomplishment is that Miller is legally blind. SOURCE: CTVNews ;
PHOTO: Tara Miller

INVENTORS - How Inventors Turn Their Ideas Into Photo Products – Holly Stuart Hughes: “Several photographers-turned-inventors have launched businesses making and distributing the fruits of their ingenuity. We talked to the inventors of three successful product lines to learn how their businesses have changed since they came up with their first inventions.” SOURCE: PhotoDistrictNews.

12 Oct, 2011 | Posted by: st

ENOUGH -- Mairi Mackay: “ Don McCullin is best known for the unwavering gaze of his war photography. He has, as he puts it, taken "terrible liberties" with his life to bring home images that are, at times, excruciating to look at but often unforgettable. And yet, as enduring as these images are, forgetting them is exactly what McCullin now wants to do.
PHOTO: Don McCullin

SUBWAY -- Sean O’Hagan: “Bruce Davidson's subway photography takes us to New York's heart . The photographer's classic book Subway is an extraordinarily visceral record of the city in the 1980s – and provides a revealing contrast to Walker Evans's earlier underground images.
PHOTO: Bruce Davidson

KIDS -- Great Ideas: Business Diversity with Carey Schumacher – Skip Cohen: Carey’s been a children’s photographer in San Diego for the last ten years. Her idea? To combine her skills as a photographer with a commercial application with a local four-store chain of sporting good shops. Working together with her vendor, Pixel2Canvas, she was able to develop an idea to display images of the local junior soccer heroes in several different communities. Here’s the brilliance of the concept:

AT RISK VIEWING -- Jodi Cobb: “A newspaper article about Congress passing the Anti-Trafficking Act caught my eye and I knew that contemporary slavery was an issue I had to try to make sense of. It would be the culmination of all my passions and experience. The trafficking of human beings has become the world’s second-largest criminal activity.”
TAKEAWAY: Jodi Cob’s essay is a reminder of the power of the still. Unlike snippets of TV or tweets, the still photograph allows us to remain still and contemplate one frozen moment at a time. The room she is in becomes her canvas. Enter at your own risk. Information awaits you – and not all pleasant. –RE

05 Oct, 2011 | Posted by: st

David Eulitt: Talking Football Photography – David Walker “Kansas City Star photographer David Eulitt began covering the Kansas City Chiefs in 1992, when he was shooting for the Topeka Capital-Journal. He now covers the team at home and away, and has earned a reputation among his peers as one of the best football photographers currently shooting pro football.” SOURCE: PhotoDistrict News ;

JOURNEY INTO NIGHT; Scott Kelby: “National Geographic Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Jim Richardson.”
PHOTO: Jim Richardson22