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19 Oct, 2011 | Posted by: st

SO WHAT? Diary of a Copyright Infringement Lawsuit – 6; The Motion to Dismiss. Carolyn E.Wright, Esq: “Instead of answering the Complaint, the defendant first may file a Motion to Dismiss the complaint. In sum, a motion to dismiss is a formal way of saying, “Yea? So what!” In other words, the defendant is claiming in the motion that, even if all that the plaintiff says in the complaint is true, the plaintiff still may not recover from the defendant.

12 Oct, 2011 | Posted by: st

Copyright Registration with the eCO System – Carolyn Wright: Copyright registration with the eCO system is quick and easy. But the system is fairly new and the procedures aren’t always clear. Such was the case with Joe Vogan. He sent me an email as follows:

05 Oct, 2011 | Posted by: st

PHOTOS AS EVIDENCE -- Carolyn Wright, Esq.: “As a result of the recent unfortunate incident at the Reno Air Races, aviation photographers are wondering what are the laws and ethics for supplying images to the NTSB or other investigative body. Larry Grace, Chairman of the International Society for Aviation Photography, recently contacted me to discuss the issues. Our Q & A is included here.
PHOTO: Kevin Clifford

WAIT A SECOND -- David Allen Green: :”Photography and Contempt of Court. Yesterday it was reported that Paul Thompson was sent to prison for two months, just for taking a photograph in court with his Blackberry.”