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26 Oct, 2011 | Posted by: st

NATURAL MODELS -- Why Kids Are Great Outdoor Stock Photo Subjects. Charlie Borland: Many outdoor photographers are parents as well and one subject that they should be shooting is their children in the outdoors. Not so much the ‘happy snaps’ but images of the kids active in a variety of outdoor activities from hiking and backpacking, to fishing, canoeing, biking, and other outdoor adventure activities.
TAKEAWAY: And when you’ve got winning models, remember to include the elements of a marketable photo: P=B+P+I. (Picture =background, plus person(s), plus symbol; puks involvement).
PHOTO: Charlie Borland

SERIOUS LANDSCAPES -- Carsten Frieger: “Landscape photography is an immensely time consuming endeavor. It can take weeks, months or even years before the picture is eventually made. Preparation and planning is essential to be at the right place at the right time.” SOURCE: DPReview ;
PHOTO: Carsten Krieger

REALITY: Six Tips For Building A Photography Career. John Lund “The road to success requires going the extra mile."

WANT TO GET PUBLISHED? -- LARA WHITE: “Avoid These 6 Mistakes to Create Magazine Worthy Images – If you are trying to break into the glamorous world of wedding magazines and blogs, stay away from these six mistakes listed below. These tips will show you what to avoid when it comes to wedding photography, and what to do instead. “

NUTS AND BOLTS -- Location Assignment: Firehouse Portraits –New York photographer Ian Spanier walks you through his prep work and setup while demonstrating how he handled the inevitable roadblocks that always seem to pop up while shooting on location. Spanier with friend, Florian Bachleda, initially thought he’d photograph about twelve members, but that quickly ballooned to twenty-seven subjects. He had to work simply and fast, given the number of subjects. SOURCE: Ian Spanier;

19 Oct, 2011 | Posted by: st

BRIGHT LIGHTS -- Auroral photography: A guide to capturing the Northern Lights. Ben Hatterbach. “If you're at all interested in aurora photography, now is a very good time to start and here's why:
PHOTO: Ben Hattenbach

WHAT GOES, WHAT STAYS -- Editing Your Portfolio. Zack Arias: “I’m currently in the process of updating and printing a new portfolio and I thought I would take a moment half day to talk about the process. The process can suck but it is a process you need to go through on a regular basis. At least twice a year. Minimum.

12 Oct, 2011 | Posted by: st

CURSE AND A BLESSING. -- How to use your smart phone for extra cash. Rosh Sillars: “Many photographers are very upset about how technology, cheap photography, and Creative Commons have affected the photography industry. I’ve felt the frustration and pain, too. It’s time to take advantage of all these changes in technology. I receive calls and e-mails every week via the Internet from prospects looking for a professional photographer. Three of the five largest jobs I did this year came from people using a search engine to find a professional.” photographer.
PHOTO: Rosh Sillars

COMPOSITION -- (Video) How to Compose Shots When Shooting the Interiors of Homes - by San Francisco-based interior photographer, Scott Hargis. Stepping into the scene itself like Hargis does is a great way to teach composition.

SHOOTING FROM A TRAIN – Ralph Velasco: “Getting successful images from a moving train can be quite tricky, and a real test of one’s patience and persistence.
PHOTO: Ralph Velasco

05 Oct, 2011 | Posted by: st

FINE ART -- Get Yours Featured Online – Liz Margolis: “We talked at length with 12 pros - fine art photographers, curators and gallerists (online and offline galleries), and one fine art printer to get their best tips and tricks, find out what's working and what's not.
Photo: Matt Seuss

DO IT RIGHT -- The 6 Secrets to a Successful Photo Project – Grover Sanschagrin: “I recently sat down with Todd Bigelow, a freelance photojournalist, I wanted to talk to him about his approach to photo projects. He has mastered something that many documentary photographers struggle to do: shoot photos of a subject they are passionate about; get those images seen by lots of people; and make enough money to fund the project (and then some.)

SHOW OFF: The Working Pro: Launching Your Online Portfolio – Stu Eddins: “Creating a professional photography portfolio has never been easier, but with all the options available, it can be a confusing process. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your online professional promotions: SOURCE: Porters;