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30 Nov, 2011 | Posted by: st

Outdoor Adventure Photographer Jerry Monkman -- Charlie Borland: “Jerry Monkman is an accomplished professional nature, adventure, and travel photographer
whose work has appeared in publications around the world. What Jerry has really carved out is a niche as a conservation photographer, photographing over 100 projects dedicated to conservation and preservation, which have resulted in the protection of several hundred thousand acres of open space across New England.”
PHOTO: Jerry Monkman

23 Nov, 2011 | Posted by: st

Pieter Hugo photographs the lingering legacy of the Rwanda genocide.
SeanO’Hagan:”The still-visible aftermath of the 1994 atrocities forms the focus of one of Hugo's projects, in which he challenges the camera's power to portray things as they really are.” SOURCE: The Guardian;

TAKE THIS JOB AND..........! Ansel Adams Didn't Like His Job Either. Erik Hayden: "Life Magazine, the sadly-not-in-print American photo-magazine that still offers amazing online galleries, has published a very clickable 20 Worst Covers slideshow: and we were surprised to see that one those covers was listed as being photographed by a young Ansel Adams.
PHOTO: Ansel Adams
TAKEAWAY: There’s creative photography, and there’s not-so-creative photography. Editorial stock photography gives you the opportunity to make the pictures you want to in a specialty you love; plus partner with companies that need your category of stock photos.

16 Nov, 2011 | Posted by: st

Brooks Potteiger: “So what type of photography do I do? I guess I’m still trying to figure out “what that looks like”. My desire is to hopefully bring a little piece of the kingdom of heaven to Earth through it, and to use it to show people the good work that is being done throughout the world.: SOURCE: Scott Kelby ;
PHOTO: Brooks Potteiger

SPECIALIST -- Dom Romney quit a short career as a newspaper photographer two years ago to follow his passion for motor sports photography, which covers “anything with an engine—bikes, boats, planes—but mostly cars,” he says. He won the 2009 young photographer of the year award at the age of 20 from the UK’s Motor Sports Association. Based in Stansted, England, Romney also shoots nonmotorized sports.
PHOTO: Don Romney

WITH CAMERA, IRAQI BOY CELEBRATES LIFE -- Dan Zak: “He is 8, he was born into war, raised on
instability and began to take photos in kindergarten. He said he likes to document life — an earnest hobby in a society that’s generated iconic photos of death ever since he was born.

09 Nov, 2011 | Posted by: st

DREAM CAREER -- In Five Years. Dean: “Few photography jobs though are better than those won by Scott Leggo. A former officer in the Royal Australian Air Force, Leggo’s work is now divided between aviation photography and landscape photography — and sometimes a combination of the two. Usually, he can be found in the wilderness, with his camera, waiting for the weather to give him a perfect shot. It’s the ideal photographic life, and it took Leggo just five years to build with no formal training and a background in aviation, not artistry. SOURCE: Photopreneur.;
PHOTO: Scott Leggo