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20 Dec, 2011 | Posted by: st

The Lightweight Gitzo GT1542T 4- Section Traveler Tripod – Arthur Morris: “For years folks who will never own a big lens have been begging for a stable lightweight tripod that will support their intermediate telephoto lenses and short zooms. I have just finished field testing the four section, 2.2 pound Gitzo GT 1542T Traveler tripod. The first time I set it up I was astounded at how stable it was (primarily due to the stiffness of the legs).

REAL-WORLD PROTECTION -- Why Camera Gear May be Safest in a Four-Wheeled Suitcase When Flying – Michael Zhang: “You probably already know that it’s not a good idea to include your expensive camera gear with check in luggage, but what if you have no choice? If you must, then putting your gear inside a hard-sided “spinner” suitcase with four wheels is your best bet. The Huffington Post has published an interesting interview with an anonymous baggage handler.

SPEEDING BULLET -- Molly McHUGH: “MIT creates imaging system that captures images at one trillion frames per second. Talk about fast: the new mechanism is able to record the motion of light by measuring photons.”

14 Dec, 2011 | Posted by: st

Amy Davies: “New memory card format revealed. The CompactFlash Association has announced a new memory card format called XQD, which is slightly bigger than the standard SD card and can provide write speeds of 125MB/sec or higher.”

PHOTO KIOSKS -- Cherry H. Butler: “Kiosks are here to stay, The single biggest restraint to the photo kiosk industry: printing, according to research conducted by Frost & Sullivan, a global growth consulting company. However, the 20 percent of photos that consumers print will still result in billions upon billions of prints from kiosks over the next several years. So the bottom line?.”

Molly McHugh: “Forget the camera, take pictures with your hand. Cameras are getting smaller and smaller, but the most pocket-friendly point-and-shoot can’t compete with a new concept.The designer has created a mechanism appropriately called the Air Clicker for using nothing more than your hands to capture images.

CHEAP AND CLEAN -- The Cloud. Adam Crawford: “Computers crash and discs fail—and sometimes the result is a trove of images lost into the ether. Most people rely on three methods of storage such as these options: keeping images on hard drives, optical media discs (DVD and CD), external hard drives, thumb drives, RAIDs, or uploading to Facebook or Flickr accounts. The cloud can be used as a way to download any image from a photographer’s cache, via any Internet connection, anywhere. This means you can use it as a way to deliver images to your clients. The cloud is also available to back up your sensitive customer data. And the list goes on.
SOURCE: Rangefinder Magazine. via Joe Stansski
TAKEAWAY: Here at PhotoSource we used the Cloud for several reasons but especially to store our video(s) which gobble up a lot of megs. Our local system wouldn’t be able to handle it. I think our cost is around 83 centa a month. Yep, a month. Pretty cheap!

07 Dec, 2011 | Posted by: st

FOCUS -- Christina Bonnington: “Lytro Camera: How Pro Shooters Use Its Amazing Lens Technology. A little over a month ago, the revolutionary Lytro light-field camera became available for pre-order. But a few lucky pro photographers have been using the Lytro and its “living picture” technology for the last few months, and now we can see their stunning results. Video;

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