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31 Jan, 2012 | Posted by: st

Florida Man Arrested On Wiretapping Charges For Recording Traffic Stop. Carlos Miller: A Florida man was arrested on wiretapping charges after video recording police making a traffic stop from across the street, spending 24 hours in jail and setting the stage for a potential lawsuit.

TOGETHER -- A Life of Marital Bliss (Segregation Laws Aside) Martha Schwendener: “Richard and Mildred Loving, an interracial couple from Virginia whose marriage prompted a benchmark 1967 Supreme Court ruling overturning state miscegenation laws, are portrayed in “The Loving Story: Photographs by Grey Villet” as heroes who fell into history by accident.”
PHOTO: Grey Villet

24 Jan, 2012 | Posted by: st

WAR ON PHOTOGRAPHY -- Mickey Osterreicher: “In recent months the Occupy Wall Street protests have only exacerbated the situation - where photographers have been detained, interfered with and in many cases arrested for doing nothing more than taking pictures or recording video of matters of public concern in traditional public forums such as parks and city streets.

IN THE NAME OF SECURITY. -- Washington Post:’s George Will Weighs in on Lawsuit Against Sheriff's Department. SOURCE: Long Beach POST: “In his column, Will ruminates on current law-enforcement policy "for gathering information 'that could indicate activity or intentions related to' terrorism." Among the activities listed therein as possibly "reveal[ing] a nexus to foreign or domestic terrorism" -- and therefore requiring reportage in a Suspicious Activity Report -- is taking photographs "with no apparent esthetic value."

HALT!... KEINE BILDER MACHEN! Las Vegas Policeman Detains Man for Taking Photos. A Las Vegas police officer detained a man for refusing to walk away after taking a photo of a movie set that was completely visible to the public. The man video recorded his interaction, which doesn’t show the officer’s face or name, but allows us to clearly hear him trying to justify giving the photographer an unlawful order.

10 Jan, 2012 | Posted by: st

J. EDGAR EXHUMED? Late NY photographer's FBI file reveals he was watched. Before photographer Milton Rogovin began documenting the lives of the poor and working class, the U.S. government was documenting Rogovin, relying on a network of informants in an era of paranoia toward suspected communists.
PHOTO: Milton Rogopvin

CRIME DOES NOT PAY -- But the police do. Chris Cheesman: “Amateur photographer wins police payout. An amateur photographer who was stopped while taking photographs in public two years ago has been awarded an out-of-court settlement after suing police for wrongful arrest.”

03 Jan, 2012 | Posted by: st

Note: If the police confront you or a “by-the-hour-security-guard”, or a “citizen-against-street-photography vigilante”, here’s your opportunity to set the record straight with them. Check out the Police Force articles located in the Police Force archives located in the top right column under Police Force. Print them out and have them in your equipment bag, ready to show to those who need to know The Law.