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24 Jan, 2012 | Posted by: st

AMBULANCE CHASER -- New York noir brought to life in photo exhibit. Mariano Andrade: “Murders, fires, traffic accidents, mafia encounters: this was the world of eccentric New York photographer Arthur "Weegee" Fellig now brought back to life in a new exhibit.”

10 Jan, 2012 | Posted by: st

EYE FOOD -- Juliet Linderman: “Feast your hungry eyes on 65 mouth-watering morsels of food photography at the “Feast Your Eyes” exhibition at the powerHouse Arena, opening Jan. 6. The delectable group show is part of the New York Photo Festival, and features food-related works shot by a mix of renowned and amateur photographers, to create a delicious display of images that pay homage to anything and everything that provides us with sustenance.
PHOTO: Beth Galton