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31 Jan, 2012 | Posted by: st

THOSE EYES -- Iconic Afghan Girl photograph expected to fetch Rs25.5 lakh Priced between `7.5 lakh and `25.5 lakh ($15,000 to $50,000), the photograph is up for sale at Sundandram Tagore Gallery, New York.
PHOTO: Steve McCurry

10 Jan, 2012 | Posted by: st

FIVE DOLLAR PICTURES. Photographers Struggle to Sell Images for Five Dollars – Dean: “With photographers already battling against lower fees and increased competition, the last thing they need is another platform offering photography services at cutthroat prices. And yet, Fiverr, a service on which users pitch a range of different jobs for a flat five dollar fee, does now include a number of photographers. Photography isn’t listed. But search for “photography” on the site and you’ll find around 537 people willing to do something image-related for just five bucks. SOURCE: Photopreneur.
TAKEAWAY: Even more reason to arrange your business model around a photo specialization rather than be a generalist and compete with the “crowd”.