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28 Feb, 2012 | Posted by: st

360-DEGREE LANDSCAPES... taken from the top of PYLONS. Anthony Bond: “Daredevil photographer Wouter Van Buuren scales 70m-high electricity pylons, cranes, bridges and even skyscrapers in a bid to take the vertigo-inducing snaps.”
PHOTO: Wouter Van Buuren

HELP WANTED -- How I Got That Job: John McDermott’s adidas Assignment – Meghan Ahearn: “Take a peek at the promos that helped the photographer grab the attention of the sportswear company’s art buyer.
PHOTO: John McDermott

PHOTOJOURNALISTS -- "This is New York: Erica McDonald, Photographer and Community Builder. NEW YORK—In the digital age, a lot of people are entering the world of photography, and the Internet is oversaturated with images and information. Erica McDonald is like a sieve, sifting through it all and distilling what is helpful to the community of photojournalists and documentary photographers. She is at the same time creating a community through her online endeavor DEVELOP Photo.
Eric Macdonald
PHOTO: Nancy Siesel
Via: Roy Iwaki

IN FLIGHT BABIES -- The Flying Baby: Rachel Hulin, Photographer, Captures Infants In Flight
While on assignment, photographer Rachel Hulin took a moment to take a photo of her son, Henry, "in flight" -- setting up the shot to make it appear as though the baby was floating in midair, she told TIME in an interview. After posting the picture on Facebook, and getting a huge response, she knew she had found something special.
PHOTO: Rachel Hulin

21 Feb, 2012 | Posted by: st

DARWIN WOULD BE PROUD -- Laura Moss: “Can 1 man photograph every animal species on Earth? National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore is on a mission to photograph every species — and help save them in the process.
PHOTO: Joel Sartore

14 Feb, 2012 | Posted by: st

dead rose, flower, sell my photos ALL ‘ROUND TRADESPERSON -- Become a Photographer Without Giving up the Day Job. Dean: “Renata Ramsini’s website describes her in four different ways. She’s an “efficiency-lover,” a “photographer,” a “policy wonk” and a “law student.” That’s not the order in which her life has played out however. Like many photography enthusiasts, when it came time to pick a profession it never occurred to Ramsini to pick up her camera and push for a career in picture-taking.
PHOTO: Renata Ramsini

H2-O -- Photographer Captures Worlds in a Drop of Water. Stephanie Paooas: “Markus Reugels can capture the world in a drop of water, not to mention Venus, Mars and the moon. Reugels is a floor installer and hobbyist photographer in Marktsteinach, Germany, but "hobby" doesn't begin to convey the beauty and precision of his photographs of images reflected in tiny, perfect globes of water.”
PHOTO: Markus Reugels

VERTIGO ANYONE? -- Katie Silver: “Spare a thought for the photographer: How one man risks life and limb to take vertigo-inducing picture. With their teeth clenched and a look of sheer determination etched on their faces, these courageous climbers take rock-climbing to dizzying new heights.The images were captured by master of mountains, Paul Bride, who risks his life to secure the stunning shots.
PHOTO: Paul Bride

07 Feb, 2012 | Posted by: st

ANSEL -- James Brasuell: “Ansel Adams's 1940 Los Angeles Photos Getting First Ever Public Show. SOURCE:
TAKEAWAY: The A.A. pictures look ordinary, don’t they? It’s a reminder isn’t it? Aim to capture one iconic photo, just one. And that’s how the public will remember you.
PHOTO: Ansel Adams