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21 Feb, 2012 | Posted by: st

YOUR RIGHTS: ACLU Says: “Know Your Rights, Photographers!” A light look at a heavy (and important) topic. (Video)

14 Feb, 2012 | Posted by: st

AT IT AGAIN -- Accredited Journalist Carlos Miller was arrested while covering the Occupy Miami eviction, following orders by Miami-Dade police's Major Nancy Pérez. They deleted his footage, which is illegal and may lead to a federal lawsuit. (Video)
TAKEAWAY: This kind of ‘entrapment’ or ‘sting journalism’ is becoming anti-climactic. We want our –in-the-streets-rights, yes, but let’s not let anyone get hurt, especially the people that are paid to protect us - the police.

YES YOU CAN -- A Depot and a Fight to Photograph the City : David W. Dunlop: "An M.T.A. property protection agent stopped a reporter from taking pictures of the 126th Street Bus Depot. Not a big deal itself, but a symptom of a citywide problem: the unwarranted prohibition of photography from public spaces.
"'The problem is, however, much larger.
Security is inevitably invoked, but the security rationale seems to have been upended by
the Web. “Things like Google Earth are
making irrelevant, if not ridiculous,
objections to people snapping
pictures on the sidewalk,'”
Mr. Dunn said."
SOURCE: NY Times; David Dunlop
via: Roy Iwaki