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14 Feb, 2012 | Posted by: st

IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU -- How To Get Over Your Fears And Raise Your Prices as a Photographer – Jenika McDavitt: “People are used to paying $5 for 50 prints at the corner grocery store and under $30 for a packet of school photos. Thus, most people’s “anchor” for photography pricing is probably somewhere between $5-30. So they wonder: Why would they want to lay down a hundred bucks, let alone two grand, for your services? When you market to differentiate yourself, you may find it tempting to focus everything on YOU. Make it about them, the client.

HOW MUCH TO CHARGE -- The successful photographer in 2012 – Rosh Sillars:”Success is subjective. I divide photographic success into two distinctive areas. The first area is the opportunity to create beautiful images. The second measure of success for the photographer is all math. Your income should be greater than your expenses and your net income should be enough to live a comfortable life. You might be surprised by how much you really need to charge to stay in business.

07 Feb, 2012 | Posted by: st

Nikki Wagner: “Why Wedding Photographers’ Prices are “Wack” - Earlier today my friend posted a link to a craigslist ad from a woman in Seattle looking for a wedding photographer. The woman thought that $3,000 for a wedding photographer was “wack” because all we do “is hang out at a wedding taking tons of photos and editing them”. I realized that this is probably a common misconception and that maybe I should try to explain why photographers charge what we do for our work.SOURCE: PetaPixel;