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28 Feb, 2012 | Posted by: st

Shooting Sharper: Landscapes & Cityscapes
nadir siddiiqui : It’s time for another edition of Shooting Sharper. In this series, I decided to get slightly more specific and focus on particular areas of photography...
PHOTO: Nadir Siddiqui

FIRST IMPRESSIONS -- Photographers’ Websites: galleries – Skip Cohen: Your website is your storefront. People are “walking by” every day, but you want them walking in. By putting up boring mediocre images you give Uncle Harry the best advertising money can buy. All he has to do is show people your site and say to the bride, “My work is better than that!”

21 Feb, 2012 | Posted by: st

CHOICES -- 10 case studies in exposure for outdoor photography – Jose Antunes: “Do we need more than one book on exposure? You bet we need, because although exposure needs technique, it also needs human input. And different photographers have different inputs.”
PHOTO: Michael Frye

THEATER -- 6 Ways to Add Drama and Mystery to Your Images – Darren Rowse: “Recently at a get together with 6 photographer friends we started chatting about the idea of adding Drama and Mystery to images. Don’t ask me how we got to the topic but the conversation was so good that I decided to ask each photographer for their favorite technique for creating Dramatic and Mysterious Shots.

How to start a photography business
Rosh Sillars: "Please listen to this warning. Having family and friends hire you and tell you your photography is great is not reason enough to go out on your own full-time. How will you know when the time is right? When people in your circle, family and friends refer you to people outside your circle. This is a sign of trust. Once the referrals come at a consistent pace you should evaluate your progress. It may be time to take the next steps.For some people, starting part-time is the right answer. The first thing you need to understand is what you are about to do is start a real business. Understanding business is important. The competition in the photography industry is too great."

14 Feb, 2012 | Posted by: st

JUST DO IT -- How To Make Photographs that Sell – Tony Bynum: "Most of us create images that we like and we hope webpage, website, how to sell my photos other’s like too. When we share a photograph on Facebook, we often get a dozen “likes” and a few comments like, “I love it,” “you really have an eye,” “you have a gift,” these are all common and rewarding to artists, but how do you create images that sell? The answer for me is, you just do it. . . Let me explain."

07 Feb, 2012 | Posted by: st

SHARING TRAVEL TIPS -- Travel and photography always go hand-in-hand. Writing about one’s experiences or telling stories to friends are great ways to remember your trip, but it’s the photographs that really make things real and indelible. Aside from using photography as a means of documentation, it’s also a great way to make you want to visit more places, to create more fun memories, and to share more stories with the people around you. Here are some tips:

I’M LOSING MY MEMORY! -- Easy Tip to Avoid Accidently Erasing Memory Cards – Richard Harrington: “I have a tendency to carry a lot (and I mean A LOT) of memory cards on a shoot. Between shooting panoramic photos, time-lapse sequences, and HD video, I burn through memory cards faster than most. I find myself needing to be certain that I avoid accidentally erasing data. Here’s my strategy for safety: