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SECRET AGENT MAN -- Memphis Reporter Tells How He Uncovered Double Life of Famous Civil Rights Photographer.

Zahra Farah “An investigative reporter’s quest to unmask the truth about a renowned civil rights photographer, Ernest Withers, leading a double life as an FBI informant took more than a decade of reporting, litigation and formal mediation.” SOURCE:
PHOTO: Ernest C. Withers

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TENNIS WATCHERS -- By Bobby Chintapalli: “The strategy and stories behind tennis photography.Professionals in watching’, tennis historian Bud Collins calls them. Many of the best photographers converge at the U.S. Open, where they'll silently click away, capturing images we'll soon see and stories we'll never hear. SOURCE:
PHOTO: Clive Brunskill

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BLIND PHOTOGRAPHER -- A legally blind photographer from Winnipeg, Canada, is a finalist in the CNIB Eye Remember national photography competition. SOURCE: Julie Carl; http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/local/blind-photographer-sees-beauty-in-life-124532944.html
PHOTO: Mike Aporius

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DENISE IPPOLITO -- A Guide to Creative Filters and Effects. – Arthur Morris: “Denise Ippolito is about as creative, as hardworking, and as dedicated a photographer as you will ever come to know. She can look at an average image, a simple snapshot, heck, even a bad photograph, and in seconds know exactly how to turn it into a piece of art using this filter or that effect." “A Guide to Creative Filter and Effects” for $38 SOURCE: Arthur Morris http://www.birdsasart-blog.com/2011/02/25/a-guide-to-creative-filters-and-effects-pdf-by-denise-ippolito/

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LOOKIN’ GOOD -- The Business Of Fashion Photography; Finding Clients, Marketing, And Image Making - Next to people and products, fashion photography is one of the most popular areas of commercial photography. Images are used for a wide range of uses: to tell a story (editorial), to sell apparel (catalogs, websites), and to promote a fashion brand (advertising). Maria Piscopo interviewed some of the current luminaries of the profession. http://shutterbug.com/columns/business_trends/1010business/

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Davide Monteleone has won the $15,000 Emerging Photographer Grant from Burn Magazine and the non-profit Magnum Foundation for his work on the Northern Caucuses. Ten of the emerging photographers invited to the festival will be published in the special issue—and paid for their contributions. http://pdnedu.blogs.com/pdn_pulse/2010/06/burn-magazine-others-announce-awards-at-lookbetween.html

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BAD BOY -- Papa Paparazzi: 'Smash His Camera,' HBO Documentary Films. Some people call photojournalist Ron Galella a gentleman, others call him scum. One of the U.S.'s most well-known paparazzi photographers can incite that kind of division in people — a gaping schism that HBO Documentary Films' production "Smash His Camera" does a fantastic job at capturing.
Source:Roxana Hadadi ; ExpressNightOut Photos by Ron Galella/Got the Shot Productions

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Dennis Hopper's Final Ride At James Dean's urging, he'd taken up photography in his teens, and in his later years became a prolific photographer, painter, and sculptor. His photography is known for portraits from the 1960s, while his painting style ranges from abstract impressionism to photorealism.

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MISSING PERSON -- The son of Errol Flynn was a noted combat photographer, and his thirst was for real adventure, rather than the Hollywood variety. WILDLY handsome and extravagantly glamorous, Sean Flynn rode into the ranks of the missing astride a motorbike. It was Cambodia, 1970, and he was on the hunt for news. With his companion Dana Stone, Flynn was probably captured and killed by the Khmer Rouge, but their remains have never been found, despite intensive searches over the years. SOURCE: Sian Powell; The Australian; http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/media/vietnams-press-gang-at-war-over-flynn-find/story-e6frg996-1225861304022

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-- An Interview With Nick Vedros . His advice to young photographers is to figure out what their commercial specialty is. If you are happy making a decent living in your own city, great! It’s all about balance and being happy.”

Nick Vedros
(www.vedros.com) graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Photojournalism in 1976 and then quickly found his true passion in the world of commercial photography. From his Kansas City-based photo studio, Vedros has won top honors from the ADDY Awards, Effie Awards, Archive International, Communication Arts, the Top 200 Advertising Photographers, and the Canon Explorers of Light program. His award-winning photography has brought him advertising photography from top clients like Apple, Bayer, Capital One, Coca-Cola, DuPont, IBM, Kodak, Microsoft, Sony, and Sprint.

"To really make it in the commercial and advertising business your work needs to differentiate you from the rest. It has to be something that’s pertinent in the marketplace. It has to be something that clients are going to buy. It needs to be a style and hopefully a trend that you can modify throughout your career. Here, I’ve taken and run with the humor thing with lots of postproduction and digital work for more than 25 years. There are a lot of photographers who say their specialty is food photography but they pick a style that everybody is doing. So it’s really hard to get a client to fly into your city to work with you when the client knows that they can get the same thing in Chicago or Cincinnati or Springfield. The key to working nationally is coming up with that specialty that will be your national style and getting it to the markets that will hire you in a consistent fashion.
"I think young photographers need to figure out what their commercial specialty is and if they even want to go after a national market. If you are happy making a decent living in your own city, great! It’s all about balance and being happy. If you can get enough local work to make a living and really enjoy yourself, that’s a lot more success than someone trying to go national and being stressed all the time. I think it’s where you put your values and how you evaluate success that is most important.

SOURCE: Maria Piscopo ; Shutterbug; ttp://shutterbug.com/columns/business_trends/0310business/

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Anil Kumble zooms into photography with 'Wide Angle'. From cricketer to photographer, Anil Kumble emerges in a different avatar with his coffee table book 'Wide Angle - Candid Moments From My Playing Days' that brings together his abiding passions of cricket, photography and wildlife. http://www.calcuttanews.net/story/613564

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The People Behind The Pics: Snowbound - How 'glorified ski bum' Jordan Manley turned his passion into a photography career. http://stateoftheart.popphoto.com/blog/2010/02/the-people-behind-the-pics-snowbound.html

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-- Flickr Photographer Says No to Getty - Vanessa Dualib, an artist from Sao Paolo, Brazil, did a series of images that turn vegetables into animals, and the serious business of eating into the not-quite-serious business of funny food photography. Vanessa turned Getty down, agreeing to license only four of her food photographs. "I declined because of the two-year contract to
manage all the rights that they impose," she told us.

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-- Portfolio Review: Michelle Dunn Marsh on Jennifer Zdon's "Swamp Queens" - During the PhotoNOLA portfolio reviews, held in New Orleans , we asked reviewers to share their thoughts on promising portfolios they saw. Michelle Dunn Marsh of Dunn Design, who is also editor-at-large at Chronicle Books and works with Aperture, gives her critique of a project by Jennifer Zdon, a New Orleans-based photojournalist. SOURCE: Holly Stuart Hughes PHOTO: Jennifer Zdon,

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LIGHT DOCTOR -- Second Life is more than a popular web based community. It is a way of life for Dr. Howard Schatz, a longtime physician who took a sabbatical fourteen years ago to pursue his passion for photography. Schatz has worked as a professional photographer ever since then, and learned to incorporate his expertise as a surgeon into his photographic essays of bodies in motion.

PhotoBlogger Highlight: John Hafner –
This week’s blogger travels the world on assignment as an editorial photographer; his blog is his conduit to bring us along on his adventures. For those of who’s life dream is to be a globe-trotter, camera in hand, look to John Hafner for inspiration. Recent assignments: turkey hunting, a safari trip with Cabela’s, shooting range, etc.

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- The Quiet Power of Micro Websites - “Days With My Father” is just one of several projects sites Phillip Toledano has created. It’s also one of many websites photographers in general have created to showcase a specific project, apart from their commercial portfolio sites. The projects often reflect creative ambitions, and the sites emphasize the work while barely mentioning the photographer. Self-promotion, in other words, is not the primary intent but executed well, project sites can lead photographers to new assignment opportunities, print sales, and offers for exhibitions and book projects. SOURCE: David Walker

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HE WAS ON TIME -- Newry native remembers moon shot photography. The Fletcher, N.C., resident was the primary photographer to document the retrieval of the Apollo 11 command module when it splashed down July 24, 1969, in the Pacific Ocean. One of the Navy Seals, a photographer named Clancy Heidelburg, gave the astronauts biological suits to wear because no one was sure if they would bring back germs from the moon.

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BRITISH COMMANDO PHOTO AWARDS Images of Marines in Afghanistan win Royal Navy photography honours. Taken during 42 Commando's tour of duty in Afghanistan, they highlight the struggle facing Royal Navy troops as they battle to rebuild relations with local people while fighting the Taliban insurgency.

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Photolucida Part 3: Reviews of Work By Alejandro Cartagena and Angela Bacon-Kidwell - PDN asked three of the 2009 Photolucida reviewers to single out one or two portfolios they liked and tell us what struck them about the work, what if anything they would have changed about the project. http://www.pdnonline.com/pdn/content_display/features/pdn-online/e3i5d4ce2397955e3fdafa3bc21df4d9b81

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COMMERCIAL STOCK EXAMPLES – – Darwin says,” I am not a good example of a stock photographer. I shoot what I want, not what the market demands. If you want to see what a real stock photographer does and one that does it well, then
check out Bill Frymire's work! Bill shoots for the powerhouse agencies of
Getty and Masterfile.”

LOCAL WORK -- What does a laid off worker do when he's an avid hunter, and it's not hunting season? If that individual is Shane Rucker, a local, award-winning wildlife photographer, the answer is to photograph and document the Wisconsin industry that has made his community fiscally strong for generations: paper mills. http://www.wisinfo.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2009903120341

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PHOTOG CELEBS -- From his Camera Obscura Gallery, in Colorado, Hal Gould has for decades brought the work of the world's greatest photographers to Denver.

OBAMA PHOTOGRAPGHER NAMES HELPERS -- Chuck Kennedy, a 20-year veteran Washington photojournalist from the McClatchy-Tribune News Service, has been named to be the assistant director of the White House Photography Office, official White House photographer Pete Souza told News Photographer magazine today as he announced some of the new staff members who will be working with him to document the presidency of Barack Obama.

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A NEW EQUINE APPROACH -- Photographer uses unique methods to captures the horse-human relationship. Barbara Bower specializes in equine photography, but she does not create your everyday equine portrait. According to Bower, she photographs the "relationship" between man and horse through complex infrared filters in her camera.

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Bil Zelman Shoots Pro Bono, But Not For Free - I don't have any steadfast rules except that they have to be non-profit and preferably a charity. The positives to taking on these types of projects are endless.

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Two shooters, two sensibilities. Art Sinsabaugh and Gordon Parks approached photography from opposite ends of the spectrum. Yet they share the distinction of having contributed significantly, in markedly different ways, to the modern
history of the medium.

Renowned Northwest photographer documented WWII travels. When World War II came, Bob Spring hoped to become a combat photographer.He was already studying photography at what would become Central Washington University, but the U.S. Army had other ideas. Instead, Spring became an X-ray technician with a 750-bed hospital unit. Instead of shooting a gun, he shot dental and skeletal X-rays in North Africa, Italy, France and Germany. "They figured X-ray is the nearest thing to photography," said Spring, now 89 and retired in Bellingham. Fortunately, Spring's commander officer let him shoot his Speed Graphic, with 4-by-5-inch negatives, when he wasn't busy shooting X-rays. Spring used his X-ray darkroom to develop his negatives.

ROUGH LIFE. -- Hollywood paparazzo pioneer says he has no regrets. A Hollywood paparazzo famous for being sued by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and getting his teeth knocked out by Marlon Brando is unapologetic about the guerrilla celebrity photography culture he helped pioneer. But Ron Galella, who at 77 still has an active press pass, says he has little interest in being part of a celebrity photo industry that now values controversy over glamour. http://www.reuters.com/article/entertainmentNews/idUSTRE4A81MZ20081109

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VARNISHED FICTION? -- Too many stars in her eyes - Annie Leibovitz might be art royalty but her celebrity shots are mere varnished fiction. As a new London retrospective demonstrates, her photographs.
TAKEAWAY. As Huey Long said, “Just spell my name right.”

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BE SURE TO USE THIS STAMP -- USPS issues 50th Anniversary stamp with Iditarod image by Alaska Stock's Jeff Schultz. The U.S. Postal Service has announced that it will be issuing a stamp on January 2, 2009 commemorating Alaska's 50th anniversary as a US State (Alaska became an official U.S. territory in 1912 and the 49th state on January 3, 1959). The image selected was created by Alaska Stock owner Jeff Schultz and depicts veteran sled dog racer on the DeeDee Jonrowe on the Iditarod trail.

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NOT LONG FOR THIS WORLD? -- Bill Groethe's Last Stand for film photography. Rapid City man worries about future of film, preserving history. A photograph captures a split second in time, but a film negative can let that moment endure for decades. That's why Bill Groethe prefers film to digital. “Photographers who rely on digital are losing history every time a memory card is erased, Groethe said. "We're still printing from 80-year film," he said during an interview at his business, 1st Photo and Trails End Gallery at 1839 W. Main St.

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THE PITCH: Book Proposals That Hit Their Mark - PDN talks to photographers
and publishers about three book ideas that recently found their way into print.
TAKEAWAY: The first rule of self-publishing a book: aim for a niche,(like sports cars) rather than a general subject like pretty landscapes.

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BUSY, BUSY. -- Negotiating with agencies for paparazzi shots of celebrities, retouching photos, managing staff and shooting "Hometown Hotties" are some of the tasks that
Maxim.com photo editor Kelly Stuart fits into a busy day.

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British Photographic Council hits out at rogue photographers - Around 12 newspaper, agency and freelance photographers met with senior officers from
the Metropolitan Police's Specialist Firearms Command last week to improve
relations. http://www.bjp-online.com/public/showPage.html?page=811318

THE FINAL ASSESSMENT: Beijing Olympics Make the Grade. The 2008 Olympic games opened with fears that censorship, air pollution and the heavy hand of the Chinese government would overpower the Olympic spirit. What a difference two weeks make. Interest in the games is high and scandal is at a minimum. The Olympics have put sports photographers in a good mood. Photographers and editors interviewed over the last few days universally praised the Beijing Olympics as the best-run games in years.

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Working with legends. The last we heard about Norwood Young, American native, Rob Shanahan, he was drumming in a successful band while making a name for himself in the photography business in California. Shanahan was appointed Ringo Starr’s official photographer late last year.

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CAPTURING WAR. -- James Nachtwey Opens Up At LOOK3 Festival - Nachtwey's many
close calls

during his long and distinguished career are familiar stories among fellow

war photographers.


ORIENT EXPRESSIVE The Insider's Guide to Shooting in China - This is a very
politically sensitive country. PDNOnline talked to ten photographers who have
shot in mainland China to get their tips for those new to the country.


TAKEAWAY: China is no longer the landscape of Pearl Buck or Chiang Kai-shek

HE SHOULD GET AN OLYMPIC MEDAL FOR THAT. Jim Olive (jim@stockyard.com) gained
access to the Beijing Olympic 2008 National Stadium. “Understand, the
stadium has a minimum of four fences surrounding it with heavy security, you
can't get past the 1st one, I know, I tried more than once. I gotta tell you,
the escort was right, I was very, very lucky to get these photos. The architecture
is insane and definitely a showstopper. Take a look and tell me what you think.