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Want to Be a Travel Photographer? Pro Photographer, Ken Kaminesky Tells Us Why It’s All About The Business. Sarah Jacobs: “With over 100,000 Twitter followers, a robust workshop schedule and partnerships with the likes of Fuji and G-Technology, Ken is also no stranger to knowing the in’s and out’s of building a photography career. We caught up with him to talk about his work and gather advice for the aspiring travel photographers out there – including what mistakes you should flat out try to avoid, and tips on how to find “the” shot. Plus, why you should never underestimate the value of a comfortable pair of shoes. SOURCE: http://blog.photoshelter.com/2014/07/invaluable-advice-aspiring-travel-photographers-ken-kaminesky/
PHOTO: Ken Kaminesky

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BAGHDAD –HOT, DRY, & BORING. Steve McCurry: “Had I known what I was getting myself into, I would never have gone on the trip. “ SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/onp2bm7
PHOTO: Steve McCurry
Via Frank Nowikowski

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JUST PULL OVER - Ralph Velasco: “One of the most fun and interesting things that I can do, and that I would encourage any traveler to do, is Just Pull Over. By that I mean if you see something interesting happening on the side of the road, pull over and have a look. SOURCE: http://ralphvelasco.com/photo-tips-just-pull/

DOCUMENT YOUR TRAVEL -- Creative Vacation Photos. Andrea Romano: “Rarely do our photographs really capture the fun of travel. We're all guilty of crowding our loved ones' News Feeds with the same old snapshots in front of famous landmarks while on vacation. But these little plastic globetrotters have found a new and creative way to document their travels. SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/lgmvs9j

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GOOD SHOOTING -- Whether you’re after the landscape, animals, or culture, from New Zealand to Nepal, here are 24 of the best places to photograph worldwide. http://blog.photoshelter.com/2014/04/24-best-places-photograph-worldwide/

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TEST Is yourphotography good enough for National Geographic? - Catie Leary:
The 26th annual National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest is officially underway! Prizes include an eight-day Alaskan expedition for two, photography workshops, B&H gift certificates and, of course, a chance to be featured in National Geographic's Traveler magazine. SOURCE: http://www.mnn.com/lifestyle/arts-culture/blogs/is-your-photography-good-enough-for-national-geographic

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WISH YOU WERE HERE. Independent Travel: Going It Alone, Or… On A Photo Tour - Jim Zuckerman: “There are two ways to travel. You can go with a group or you can travel independently where you plan the itinerary and make the arrangements. One isn’t necessarily less expensive than the other because it depends on so many factors, but the main issue to consider is this: what will you gain by being part of a group versus traveling alone or with a friend or spouse? http://www.shutterbug.com/content/independent-travel-going-it-alone-or-photo-tour
PHOTO: Jim Zuckerman

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The Best App For Traveling Photographers - David Bickley: “When I sat down to write this, its was originally going to be a pretty solid list of 5 crucial apps for traveling. However, when I got going I realized that most of what these apps did could be done in no time without them. Which led me to wonder…

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YEMEN -- John Lund: “I don’t mean for this post to be a travelogue about Yemen and Socotra. Rather I would like to share how I intend to recoup my travel expenses and make a little profit as well. SOURCE: http://blog.johnlund.com/2014/02/a-trip-to-yemen-photos-and-renewal.html
PHOTO: John Lund

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CAPTURE THE ESSENCE -- Ralph Velasco: ”If you’re a traveler and you enjoy bringing back photos of the places you’ve visited – let’s face it, who doesn’t – then it’s extremely important to capture a set of images that more completely tells the story of the place. To me, the best way to ensure this in my own work is to work from a well thought out and organized shot list. http://digital-photography-school.com/capture-essence-place-travel-photography-tips
PHOTO: Ralph Velasco

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FRESH TRAVEL -- Tiny Atlas Quarterly Magazine - Emily Nathan: “Tiny Atlas Quarterly magazine features travel in a fresh, immersive and personal way. Fund our next edition on-line and in print today! Tiny Atlas Quarterly is the culmination of what happens when art directors, designers, photographers, writers, stylists, digital techs, photo assistants and other friends and contributors from the creative corps collaborate on visual projects of their own designing. SOURCE: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tinyatlas/tiny-atlas-quarterly
PHOTO: Emily Nathan

CLICHES -- Feminism, According To Stock Photography. Emily Shornick: Here at the Cut, we often need illustrations for stories about women, and sometimes we turn to stock photography to meet those needs. But what does a stock service suggest when one searches for empowered female? Click through to our slideshow to learn how to be a feminist according to stock photos. http://nymag.com/thecut/2013/11/feminism-according-to-stock-photography.html

AFTER CRITICISM: Times Photo Remains Online - Margaret Sullivan: The Times’s policy not to “unpublish” material, which I’ve written about previously, is a necessary one, though it is, at times, difficult for readers to accept. This is undoubtedly one of those times. SOURCE: http://publiceditor.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/11/25/why-a-times-photo-remains-online-after-criticism/?_r=2

41 reasons why you shouldn’t date a photographer - Photography Talk: “Photographers are a different kind of creatures. We are both artists and entrepreneurs. We love our cameras and we sure love playing with them, sometimes too much. After a longer series of technical articles and advice, I thought I’d put together a list of reasons why you shouldn’t date a photographer. Before we get started, I just want to point out that although some of the items on the list will seem realistic, it’s all intended to make you laugh or at least bring a knowing smile on your face. At the end of the day, everybody loves photographers, otherwise I can’t explain why so many people want to get into photography. Without further ado, I bring you the 41 things to take into account before setting a date with a photographer.” SOURCE: http://www.photographytalk.com/photography-articles/3280-41-reasons-why-you-shouldn-t-date-a-photographer
PHOTO: Ken Hurst/123stockphoto

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IMAGE CONSCIOUS: how to take better travel photos - Katrina Lobley: ‘Professional photographers can spend days, weeks, months - sometimes even years - waiting for everything to align for that one perfect shot. But what about the rest of us who just want to return from our holidays with better photos? SOURCE: http://www.smh.com.au/travel/activity/great-outdoors/image-conscious-how-to-take-better-travel-photos-20131010-2v9nv.html

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STARTUP -- National Geographic Society Travel Starts a New Group…combining Traveler Magazine, Expeditions, Travel Books and Digital Content. They are merging the editorial and business resources and reinvesting in a print product SOURCE:

TRAVEL BAG -- What’s in Your Bag? Travel with These 9 Photography Accessories. Jason D. Little: “Will you be traveling this summer (or winter, as the case may be depending on which hemisphere you call home)? If you’re into photography, the really important question to ask yourself is, “What gear should I take?” SOURCE: http://farm5.staticflickr.com/4104/5190930741_56dbb5079c.jpg

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PRETTY DARN GOOD. National Geographic Photographer on Assignment with Only His Cellphone. The Nokia Lumia 1020 was met with a lot of skepticism, and sparked yet another battle in the megapixel war. But for a cell phone, it’s hard to deny that the photos look pretty darn good.
SOURCE: http://fstoppers.com/national-geographic-photographer-on-assignment-with-only-his-cellphone

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WALDORF LAUNCHES MAGAZINES FOR TRAVELERS. Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts and Conrad Hotels & Resorts have launched individual magazines available both in-room and online for the luxury traveler. The Waldorf Astoria Magazine focuses on the iconic brand’s inspirational environments and unforgettable experiences, SOURCE: http://www.tradearabia.com/news/TTN_241442.html

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CAPTURING THE PERSONALITY OF A SMALL TOWN -- Mikkel Aaland: “A favorite travel destination is the seaside small town—a place with salt air, beaches, shingled houses, and seafood on every menu. And a great way to get there is by car, making stops along the way. SOURCE: http://www.lynda.com/Photography-Cameras-Gear-tutorials/Travel-Photography-Seaside-Road-Trip/129010-2.html SOURCE: http://cdn.lynda.com/assets/2013.08.14.2-r20130814/Website/ui/images/lynda-logo-on-blk.gif?c-v=24739

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ENOUGH! -- Digital photography is ruining travel photography. Ben Groundwater: “I call it "safari madness", this need to document every second of the travel experience by capturing it on film. Click, click, click. Lower the camera, check the results on the screen, confer, nod, and then say to the guide, "OK, we go". And we'd move on. SOURCE: http://www.theage.com.au/travel/blogs/the-backpacker/how-digital-photography-is-ruining-travelling-20130730-2qvv2.html

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BEST TRAVEL PHOTOS in the world: National Geographic announces winners of its prestigious 2013 Traveler Photo Contest .
Read more: http://tinyurl.com/m5zd365
PHOTO: Dody Kusuma

PLAN A BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY TRIP -- Specialty travel ideas: Planning a bird photography trip. Five key factors to consider when planning a trip to photograph birds to help you get the most out of your trip.
PHOTO: RICK FISK [ricfiske@yahoo.com]

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THINK IN THEMES…People Reading Newspapers – Ralph Velasco: “Whenever I’m on the road looking to photograph a destination, I always give myself an assignment to have a theme in mind, and I often give this same assignment to the participants of my photo tours. Sometimes a unique theme can be difficult to come up with, but other times one will present itself over the course of a few hours or days.
PHOTO: Ralph Velesco

TRAVELING LANDSCAPER -- Spencer Seastrom: “Many aspiring landscape photographers dream for the chance to travel the world and take photos for a living. Lars Schneider was one of those photographers, and now he’s living the dream. But it’s not all rainbows and butterflies.

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PREPARING FOR A PHOTOGRAPHIC JOURNEY -- Start with Google, Keep Going! When preparing for a photographic journey and researching a destination or location, the Internet is your best friend. Here's how widely-published travel photographer Michele Westmorland prepares before she goes. SOURCE: http://www.adorama.com/alc/0014245/article/Preparing-for-Travel-Photography-Start-with-Google-Keep-Going
PHOTO: Michele Westmorland

DOCUMENT YOUR TRAVELS -- Five Tips for Travel Photography. It’s summer and that means it’s time to travel! With vacations and adventures awaiting you this summer, it’s important to document your travels. There are a few techniques you should keep in mind when packing your suitcase and your camera. We talked with Tracey Heppner of Follow Your Heart Photography Tours to get 5 key tips on successful travel photography.

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BIG CAMERA -- Sarah Lalone: “I recently went to Italy with two little boys and my big camera and my good lenses. That’s right… the BIG camera and TWO little boys. I’m going to pass on a couple of tips that worked for me like what gear to use, how to have it with you all the time, and how to involve yourself in your trip and still get a lot of great shots. SOURCE:

LITE TRAVEL -- 8 travel tools for the mobile photographer. Lauren Crabbe: “It's summertime and for many of us, that means travel. For the photographer on the go, this can mean lots of heavy gear and sometimes even whole bags just for camera equipment. But for those times you want to travel light, we're sharing our favorite gadgets for taking great photos with the camera that's always with you: your smartphone. SOURCE:

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NO REGRETS PHOTOS -- 10 Travel Photography Tips to Help Avoid Regrets When You Get Home – Helios Dias: “I have lost count of how many times I’ve come home and regretted not having done something to get better pictures when I was traveling.

Photographs that changed the world - Jerry Nelson: “There are many photographs that have changed the world. A glimpse of the light hitting the film at just the right moment when something flashes through the lens and everything stops moving. When things begin moving again, the world is changed.” SOURCE:

EGGS IN ONE BASKET? -- Memory Card Advice for Travel Photography: How Much Do you Need? Mason Resnick: “In an age of low-cost cards, high-resolution sensors, and HD video, too much, it turns out, is never enough. http://www.adorama.com/alc/0014240/article/Memory-Card-Advice-for-Travel-Photography-How-Much-Do-You-Need

PHOTO STUDENTS TO CUBA -- Essdras Suarez: “Throughout the semester we had discussed photojournalism concepts, history, ethics, and a bit about the history of the island. Once there the students could decide which stories they wanted to work on. Subjects ranged from baseball to making cigars to Judaism.” SOURCE:

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BREAKING THE ICE -- Harry Fisch: “It’s difficult to take pictures of people without first establishing a relationship with them. When traveling through sparsely frequented areas, necessity will teach you to manage with sign language and to create silent relationship codes. One of the best photography tips I’ve ever received is to break the ice and transform the atmosphere. A direct look in the eye, taking the outstretched hand of a stranger, offering a smile and a cup of tea in a slum, are all ways to connect with strangers. SOURCE: http://www.slrlounge.com/the-best-travel-photography-tip-have-a-tea-2

CAPTURING A MOMENT -- Bhphoto: “Travel photography is about, a place or culture, and your digital SLR is the perfect tool for doing this. If you are planning a luxury African safari or just a weekend escape, join corporate and editorial photographer Ron Wyatt, as he presents his tips for memorable travel photography. In an easy-to-understand, straightforward manner, Wyatt teaches you the fundamentals of capturing great vacation shots as well as the flavor of local culture, and portraying landscapes in their best light. SOURCE: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/indepth/photography/tips-solutions/practical-travel-photography
PHOTO: Ron Wyatt

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How to Manage Your Photos When Traveling with an iPhone & iPad - Sandro Cuccia: “I recently enjoyed an all too brief two-week vacation to my native Italy. Normally, This time, I wanted to do something different. I was very eager to travel light for a change. I had a desire to do some experimenting for myself in an effort to solve a mystery: is my iPhone camera good enough to produce acceptable travel photography for me?
PHOTO: Sandro Cuccia

WANDERLUST SATISFIED -- Nine travel photo tips for capturing the best images to satisfy your inner wanderlust - Bill Schiffner: “To help you get great pictures, we got a few tips from photographer, writer, and world traveler Ellen Anon who just returned from her trip to rural China where she captured some incredible shots.”
PHOTO: Ellen Anon

GLOBAL IMAGE MAP -- Hollie-Rae Merrick: “TravelSupermarket said the map offers an insight into the entrants’ most popular travel photography locations.

WHEN YOU TRAVEL -- 5 Tips For Taking Better Food Photos .Dylan and Jeni: “By now, we’ve all been guilty of doing it. It’s one of the fastest epidemics that not even scientists can explain. Anthropologists and historians hundreds of years from now will find landfills of objects once known as a DSLR camera, lenses, hard drives and memory cards. To their surprise, they will discover that their ancestors and predecessors have been taking pictures, tons of pictures... of food?! SOURCE:
PHOTO: Dylan and Jeni

ICONIC PLACES -- Jim Richardson: “Recently I was asked if I could name a 'bucket list' of iconic places in the world for photographers. It didn’t take long. Here is my list (not terribly original, I’ll admit), with my reflections on why these places are iconic to me.” SOURCE:

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MATCHMAKER -- Professional photographs of your next trip? The List' Staff:
“During a recent trip to Boston, I took most of my own pictures. You see me in front of Paul Revere, me in front of George Washington, and me at Harvard University. The photos are known as selfies and are often less than flattering. Hiring local photographers for special getaways has been one option, but finding good ones can be a bit tricky.
Read more: http://www.abc15.com/dpp/lifestyle/travel/professional-photographs-of-your-next-trip#ixzz2Vge536cN

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MYSTERY SOLVED! -- How The Internet Helped One Photog Find a Mystery Couple Using Only Old Slides D.L. Cade: DL Cade: Harry and Edna Grossmann’s stories ended in 1986 and 1983, respectively. A long-time married couple, they never had kids, and instead chose a life of travel and photography. But none of this was known to most of the world until 30 old boxes containing 1,100 slides of their travels made their way into Chicago-based photographer, Jeff Phillips‘, hands. SOURCE: http://petapixel.com/2013/05/27/how-some-old-slides-led-one-photog-on-a-digital-search-for-harry-and-edna/#vAY37IzU0y3UjSA1.99

CAUTION -- Have Camera, Will Travel: Where Not to Take Photos. Nicole Nguyen:
“While soaking up the sights, you'll be tempted to capture every waking moment. But not everything is subject to photography, and it's better to err on the side of caution when submersed in a foreign culture.” SOURCE: http://www.geeksugar.com/Photography-Etiquette-30606184
TAKEAWAY: Photographers who make their living at showing the rest of the world what’s out there can not afford to be curtailed. Putting ‘moral’ handcuffs on a talented photographer and asking her or him to stop short of gaining a good photograph – is the same as muffling a poet or song writer. There have been many despotic dictators in the world in the last century who have, much to their benefit, banned photography in their countries.

LEARNING ALONG WITH TINA -- A CHALLENGE… thatnikonguy: “Half way through season #1 and time for a mini challenge - to take some great travel shots in London and Berlin as we travel around for the Take Control of the Light workshops.

THE LIFE OF A TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHER -- Joe Rooney+ . People who have the time and the resources travel around a lot. While they travel, they take pictures with a camera. So does that make them travel photographers? No, not even close. Anybody can take pictures but to be a professional travel photographer you will need a certain set of qualities. Source: http://blog.jmleclercq.com/into-the-life-of-a-travel-photographer/

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Rob Knight: Five tips. “I love to travel, but not all of my trips are “photography trips”. I travel with my family quite a bit. I also know a lot of photographers who travel for business with limited time to get out and make pictures. You can’t always concentrate on your photography as much as you would like when you’re on the road, but here are five tips to help you make the most of your next adventure.” SOURCE: http://robknightphotography.com/5-tips-for-the-traveling-photographer/

GOOD BLURRED PICTURES: Here are seven good rules. Harry Fisch: “Taken on occasion in Varanasi, at 5 a.m., this photograph manages to reflect the magical moment of bathing on the banks of the Ganges. Being obsessed with definition and light might have spoiled such an extraordinary shot. Beyond aesthetics and composition, common to every photographic activity, technique plays an important role in this kind of pictures.
SOURCE: http://www.slrlounge.com/travel-photography-the-7-rules-to-take-good-blurred-pictures

Tommy Schultz -- Milda Ratkelyte: He ditched his 9 to 5 career in Washington D.C. and got into a lifetime adventure that lead him to become a well- known travel photographer. Currently residing in Bali, he has shot dozens of assignments for clients around South East Asia and worldwide, including The National Geographic and World Wildlife Federation (WWF).
SOURCE: http://www.asiarooms.com/en/community/blog/tommy-schultz-travel-photographer/

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GOOD TIPS -- 20 Photography Tips Every Travel Photographer Should Know. Ricardo, guest contributor. SOURCE: http://digital-photography-school.com/20-photography-tips-every-travel-photographer-must-know#ixzz2TmhBdYjM
PHOTO: Ricardo

YOUR FIRST PHOTO SALE -- A step-by-step guide. Jen Lensartsson: “Wouldn’t it be great to be able to travel for a living? To be a roaming, world-traveling photographer? I do get a lot of questions about the first steps towards selling your pictures.
PHOTO: Jen Lensartsson

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PEOPLE TIPS AND SECRETS -- Harry Fisch: “I am going to share with you some of the techniques for approaching people I have developed after years of experience of taking photographs with Nomad Photo Xpedition at the most remote locations around the world. http://www.slrlounge.com/secrets-of-a-travel-photography-expert

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ARCHITECTURE -- Carla Coulson: “My trip to Puglia inspired me to write this third part in my travel photography series on how to include architecture in your travel stories. In case you missed the first two parts, you can catch up on how you can include food and people into your travel stories.”

GO LIGHT -- RL Caron : “Travel means move, which suggests concerns for weight and bulk. It wasn’t long ago that capturing quality photographs at photo excursions meant lugging a 30# backpack and a photo vest full of additional gadgets. No longer true!

Insight Guides travel photography competition and app
Mike Grady: "Explore the world one day at a time with the new version of the Insight Guides Travel Photography app.
Receive a stunning new photo each and every day from our library of over 250,000 images. This free iPad / iPhone app – with over 100,000 downloads across 100 countries - showcases the best shots from Insight Guides’ extensive range of travel guidebooks, which cover over 200 destinations in 90 countries across the world.

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THREE CAMERA ACCESSORIES -- Paul Xymon García: “Let’s face it. Average travelers who are interested in travel photography do not have the budget to afford fancy, high-end cameras most professional photographers trot the globe with. So what is an average travel photography enthusiast to do? I have learned that camera accessories help. They help a lot. Here are three camera accessories I often use to take my travel photos.
SOURCE: http://wildjunketmagazine.com/camera-accessories-travel-photography/
PHOTO: Paul Xymon García

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GETTING BETTER -- The Rise Of Amateur (Travel) Photography. Hannah Ellens:
Since people can take pictures with their phones and tablets and digital cameras are getting cheaper, it has become easier for amateur photographers to take better pictures. Commercialized media immediately jump to this, as ‘civilian pictures’ are cheaper and growing in supply. SOURCE: http://www.traveltelly.com/2013/04/the-rise-of-amateur-photography/
PHOTO: Hannah Ellens

TRAVEL MEANS PEOPLE Carla Coulson: “I have worked for many travel magazines that have told me that if there isn’t a person in the shot the image won’t be published! What does this mean? SOURCE:
Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.PHOTO: Carla Coulson

MORE THAN POSTCARDS -- ~ Valerie Jardin: “Think Outside The Postcard When Photographing Famous Landmarks. You are on the trip of a lifetime. Have you found yourself in front of an iconic landmark and felt discouraged because every possible shot had already been made by thousands of tourists before you? Your goal is certainly not to bring back pictures that look like the postcards at the souvenir shop!” SOURCE:

09 Apr, 2013 | Posted by: st

RUDE JERKS -- How To Photograph People When Traveling – Terence Carter: “How to photograph people when traveling so that they engage with the camera and, more importantly, you don’t offend them, isn’t all that hard. Yet every day in Hoi An, I witness some very disappointing behavior. http://grantourismotravels.com/2013/03/24/how-to-photograph-people-when-travelling/
PHOTO: Terence Carter

NEW APPS LET YOU TAKE VACATION SHOTS LIKE A PRO - Nancy Trejos: For all you amateur photographers, there's no shortage of apps that will turn your vacation snapshots into photographs worthy of showcasing on Facebook. Instagram has been all the rage the last few years, but several other photo apps for iPhones and Androids have popped up to rival the Facebook-owned hit. With just one tap, you can turn someone's dull brown hair auburn, make a cloudy day sunny or transform a dark hallway into a bright purple tunnel. http://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/advice/2013/04/04/variety-of-apps-let-you-take-vacation-shots-like-a-pro/2050087/

How to look like a beginner. Kate Siobhan Havercroft “REALITY CHECK: Any photographer who sneers at someone trying to learn the craft needs to check themselves. Everyone has to start at the bottom and pay their dues. Most of us do this by making a long series of mistakes and slowly, but surely, making them less and less often. Photography is a journey, and travel photography is an especially bumpy road.” SOURCE: http://matadornetwork.com/notebook/travel-photography-tip-how-to-look-like-a-beginner-photog/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+MatadorNetwork+(Matador+Network)

TIPS FROM A PRO -- Bob Krist: “Two of my favorite things to do are traveling and taking photos. That’s why I’ve spent most of my life as a professional travel photographer. In this free, “online book,” I’m going to reveal how you can take great travel photos. Welcome to PhotoSecrets Travel Photo Tips.”

02 Apr, 2013 | Posted by: st

STORY TELLER -- Ken Kaminesky Talks ‘Travel Photography’ with Travel Longer Magazine. Ken Kaminesky, a Canadian commercial travel photographer and visual storyteller. His work has been featured in numerous commercial publications, including on the cover of National Geographic. (Video). http://vimeo.com/62533560

19 Mar, 2013 | Posted by: st

A BETTER WAY -- Kevin Sintumuang: “Big trip ahead? Then you'll need a big camera. At least that's how I thought one became a great travel photographer back in 1996. http://online.wsj.com/article/

WANDERLUST -- Photographer Travels 50,000 Miles Across the USA by Train Hopping. Michael Zhang: “When photographer Mike Brodie was 17 years old, he had his first train hopping experience in his hometown of Pensacola, Florida. Over a number of days, that train would take him to Jacksonville, Florida and then back. It was a short trip, but sparked a lifelong passion for train hopping and exploration. “ SOURCE: http://www.petapixel.com/2013/03/11/photographer-travels-50000-miles-across-the-us-by-train-hopping/
TAKEAWAY: (see photo above). In my own hitchhiking teenage days, I once slept along side the road at night in the ditch and woke up the next morning with a two–week case of poison ivy. –RE

13 Mar, 2013 | Posted by: st

IT’S UNIQUE. Nick Zantop “Much like travel itself, the first step in good travel photography takes place long before you set foot in the airport or get into your car for a long road-trip. Research! Everywhere we travel to is unique and special. A travel photo should make the viewer long to be there in the scene, so as photographers we need to be conscious of all these things that make a place special in its own way.”
PHOTO: Joel Solomon

06 Mar, 2013 | Posted by: st

SHOOT TO THRILL: How To Take Better Travel Photos - Michelle Rowe: “With smartphones, tablets and inexpensive digital cameras so readily available - plus post-production software packages that can make even the shakiest photographer look like Ansel Adams - it's little wonder travellers are snap happy..

MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY -- is making big waves in the travel world, as backpackers and jet setters alike leave their bulky rigs at home and set out with little more than the cameras on their phones.

26 Feb, 2013 | Posted by: st

SIX TIPS -- Get Your Work on Travel Image Libraries – Darren Rowse: “Getting your photographs onto an image library can be difficult. Most libraries have very strict technical guidelines and very tough editing procedures. However, following the 6 tips below to could increase your chances of getting accepted. http://digital-photography-school.com/6-tips-for-getting-your-work-on-travel-image-libraries
PHOTO: Kav Dadfar

WHAT'S YOUR NICHE…?: Cruise Ship Photography – David Walker: “Photographer Danny Lehman, who is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, began landing advertising assignments from cruise ship companies more than 30 years ago. Specializing in majestic beauty shots of luxury liners taken from land, sea and air, he has traveled on assignment to six continents and counts all the major cruise ship companies among his
clients. He explains to PDN how he works.”. SOURCE: http://www.pdnonline.com/features/Whats-Your-Niche-C-7470.shtml
PHOTO: Danny Lehman

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TRAVELLING ON A BUDGET -- Douglas Sonders By the age of 24, my buddy Nicole Fallek has done a lot of travelling with her camera. She decided that she wanted to see more of the world, but realized she didn’t have a big budget to do so. Nicole put together this extensive blog post for you guys using her vast travel knowledge to help ensure your world travels will go more smoothly and affordably.
PHOTO: Nicole Fallek
via Joe Stanski

15 Jan, 2013 | Posted by: st

Photographing People When You Travel – Catherine Karnow: “Photographing people in a foreign country presents a specific set of challenges, among them increased anxiety, language barriers, and unfamiliar customs. Before I travel to a foreign country, I always learn a handful of complimentary words like "beautiful" and "wonderful."
PHOTO: Catherine Karnow

02 Jan, 2013 | Posted by: st

CAMERA BAG TIPS – Lauren Margolis:: For many travel photographers, choosing how to carry your gear is harder than choosing your camera system. The following tips are from trial-and-error in travels to over 70 countries. They’re aimed at photographers who prefer to work alone, walk, use public transport, travel as cheaply as possible, and don’t have an army of assistants. SOURCE: http://blog.photoshelter.com/2012/12/6-alternative-camera-bag-tips-for-travel-photographers/