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29 Dec, 2010 | Posted by: psnotes

ON-LINE PRIVACY RIGHTS -- The Federal Government has proposed, in an 88-page report, that Americans should have a "Privacy Bill of Rights" concerning Internet data mining.
There would also be the creation of a Privacy Policy Office at the federal level to coordinate on-line privacy issues both domestically and internationally. The Privacy Policy Office is currently being formed. This is a reversal of a long-standing policy of "hands off the Internet" for the government.
A "do not track" list, similar to the popular "do not call" list is being considered, based on a recent Federal Trade Commission report calling for such a system.
The Commerce Department has said it will encourage the industry to adopt the bill of rights, but noted that without legislation, nothing contained therein will be enforceable. Among the suggestions is that companies should ask for permission to use data for a purpose other than for which it was collected, and that they submit to privacy audits.
TAKEAWAY: Under the cloak of ‘protecting privacy’, governments have been known to move forward into the next lower level: censorship.

Do You Fit In?
OK, -so the survey was small (350 small businesses that use Egnyte=s,, cloud storage services), but is it indicative of the real world, or a trend? The question asked was, "When do you use your mobile device for work purposes during the Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year holidays?" Which one are you? 79% said, "When I can get away with it." 19% said, "I do not plan to check it for work purposes." 12% said, "On the drive to grandmother=s house." 4% said, "At the dinner table." And 3% said, "While people are opening presents."
NOTE: If you’re adding up the totals and they don’t add up, It’s because respondents could answer in more than one category.

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