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-- Getty Images And iStock iOS Apps Get A Big Overhaul. Darrell Etherington:“Stock photography giant Getty Images is updating its iOS apps, including iStock, and Getting Images proper, which received its overhaul on July 17. Both apps feature design changes that make the photography they show off much more the central focus. Along with these updates, Getty is bringing its new Embed function, which it unveiled on the web back in March, to the Getty Images app. Embed lets users who are looking for stock imagery for non-commercial use to use a simple code to put the picture on their blog or site, where it resides in a wrapper rather than in a traditional IMG tag. SOURCE: http://techcrunch.com/2014/07/10/getty-images-and-istock-ios-apps-get-a-big-overhaul-and-the-new-embed-function/
TAKEAWAY. With increased interest in Getty Images and its Embed function will also come more use of the Embed function which offers free photos for editorial use.
For more on how this may benefit Getty through the newly acquired data, use the psNOTES search bar and ask for Embed.

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-- 500px Prime Amassed Enough Contributing Photographers to Fill Yankee Stadium in Just 4 Months - Geeks News Desk: “500px now has over 55,000 photographers contributing to its rapidly growing collection of premium stock photography. The commercial licensing marketplace, dubbed 500px Prime, is a stand alone property wholly owned and operated by 500px. 55,000 contributing members is a milestone for 500px, as it's a number incumbents in the photo licensing space often tout when describing the size and diversity of their asset collections. Whereas these competitors often took more than a decade to achieve this following, 500px Prime was able to do it in less than four months after launch.”

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NEW MODEL, NEW STRUCTURE. – Olivier Latrent: “Photo Agencues such as VII Photo have been forced to rethink their business model and structure.: SOURCE: http://www.bjp-online.com/2014/05/vii-photo-rises-to-challenges-of-changing-photographic-landscape-with-dynamic-new-agency-model/

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How Corbis Stores Millions Of Images In A Converted Limestone Mine - Tim Barribeau: “In Boyers, Pennsylvania, dug 220 feet below the surface, a strictly temperature controlled environment holds one of the greatest photo collections known to humanity.” SOURCE: http://www.popphoto.com/news/2014/04/how-corbis-stores-millions-images-converted-limestone-mine

GAME CHANGER? Online Photography Marketplace ‘Crated’ Offers an End-to-End Platform Like Never Before - Gannon Burgett: “It’s called >Crated,</b> and it has the potential to be a game-changer for photographers who want to sell their work online. What is it?

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PIXELS.COM LICENSING SERVICE -- Promises Artists Control Over Their Own (Financial) Destiny - Rae Ann Fera: “With Pixels.com, founder Sean Broihier has taken his artist-led business model from Fine Art America and applied it to image licensing. What does that mean? Well, instead of offering artists, illustrators and photographers the industry standard compensation model of companies like Getty Images and Shutterstock--which establish prices on behalf of photographers and give them a 20% or 30% commission on their work--Pixels.com allows contributors to set their own prices for their work, adds a 30% markup, and then leaves the rest for the artists. http://www.fastcocreate.com/3029149/pixelscom-licensing-service-promises-artists-control-over-their-own-financial-destiny


Death to the Stock Photo Gives Subscribers Images: For Free - Austin Rogers"Death to the Stock Photo is a Columbus, Ohio based stock photo agency created by Allie Lehman and David Sherry that was founded in 2013. Every month they release high-quality, high-res, un-watermarked, and virtually un-restricted themed image packs — for free. Sound crazy? Here’s their story. http://fstoppers.com/fstoppers-exclusive-interview-death-to-the-stock-photo-gives-subscribers-images-for-free

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-- Michael Zhang: “Stock photographer Sean Locke wrote on his blog recently that he received a notice from Getty Images and iStockphoto (which is owned by Getty Images) that his account will be terminated within the next 30 days. This is pretty significant news due to the fact that Locke is one of iStockphoto’s most valuable members. A member of the service since August 2004, he is one of the top 5 contributors there, has contributed more than 12,000 photographs, and has sold nearly one million licenses. http://petapixel.com/2013/02/11/istockphoto-booting-top-photographer-in-wake-of-gettygoogle-hoopla/

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FULL CONTROL? --Pixels.com Promises Photographers Full Licensing Control of Their Images - Gannon Burgett: “In an attempt to potentially flip the imaging licensing market on its head, Pixels.com has launched a new platform that puts the photographers in control for a change. SOURCE: http://petapixel.com/2014/04/16/pixels-com-promises-photographers-licensing-control-of-their-images/

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Getty Image's Race To The Bottom - Beate Chelette: “No matter how much our industry dislikes Getty Images and can blame them rightfully so for their part in the rapid decline of image valuation – they are anything but stupid. There had to be something about this move. And it wasn’t until I read Rohn Engh’s piece that he sent to me that I had my big AHA moment. “ http://www.photobizcoach.com/2014/03/31/gettys-race-bottom/

More info: http://www.photosource.com/makeover.html

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Making Its Best Archival Photos and Footage Available Through a New E-commerce Website - Chris Artis: “Reuters, one of the world's largest multimedia news providers, launches Reuters Access, a one-stop self-service e-commerce site offering the rights to Reuters best archival pictures and video for sale directly to small and medium sized customers in the United States. SOURCE: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/reuters-launches-reuters-access-making-its-best-archival-photos-and-footage-available-through-a-new-e-commerce-website-2014-03-25?reflink=MW_news_stmp
TAKEAWAY: Will REUTERS sniff out the GettyImages "Makeover" (see The Last Word below) and begin monetizing the REUTERS photo database? Stock photographers beware! -RE

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-- Reuters Starts New Photo Licensing Site. Sandra Oshiro: “While our large publishing customers across the globe will continue to enjoy enterprise-level access to our content coupled with unmatched client support and service, now smaller businesses can get Reuters award-winning photography and video via an easy to use, elegant, and self-service e-commerce solution,” said Jason Fox, Reuters global head, product, technology and program management, in a news release. – SOURCE: http://www.editorandpublisher.com/Newsletter/Article/Reuters-Weighs-Into-Photo-Licensing-With-New-e-Commerce-Site

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WITH A CATCH! Getty Images Free Photos - John Lund: “I have had a number of requests to comment on Getty’s “Embed Program”, and while I am no expert, I will at least share a few thoughts. The gist of the program is that people are now free to use most of the photos handled by Getty Images for non-commercial use by using provided embed code. The photos remain on the Getty servers (an important aspect as we shall see)” SOURCE: http://blog.johnlund.com/2014/03/getty-images-free-photoswith-catch.html
TAKEAWAY: Gettyimages has recognized that there's great wealth to be gained by this new turn of events. Mailing lists are big business in our new world of Big Data. Their stock should rise -and I don't mean photos. –RE

Existing Content Agreement Expires - Flickr and Getty Partnership ‘Terminated’ - DL Cade: "Originally announced in 2008 the partnership has been going strong for almost 6 years now as Getty scoured the Flickr archives and invited contributors into its network. “Today we are announcing that we provided notice to terminate our existing agreement with Flickr,” reads the email. “Our original agreement reached its end, and while we continue to be open to working with Yahoo!/Flickr, we have not agreed to a new agreement at this time.” SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/pnk3a29

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Getty fights copyright infringement by making 35 million stock images free - David Greenway: “The newly unveiled feature will see images from news, sports, entertainment and stock collections, as well as the Getty archives, available in much the same way as YouTube allows its videos to be embedded. Getty has reserved the right to monetize the embedded images with advertising in the future but for the moment will be utilizing the data that it gains from the knowledge of who is using their images. http://www.htxt.co.za/2014/03/06/getty-fights-copyright-infringement-making-35-million-stock-images-free/

MAGNUM PHOTOS -- Trunk Archive Acquires North American Licensing Rights.. Conor Risch: “Statements from both Magnum and Trunk focused on the possibilities for Trunk to do a better job generating revenue from the archive than Magnum has. Trunk Archive represents more than 250 photographers around the world for secondary image sales.” SOURCE: http://pdnpulse.pdnonline.com/2014/03/trunk-archive-acquires-north-american-licensing-rights-for-magnum-photos.html

CONNECTING WITH EDITORS -- The process of gathering and distributing editorial has changed irrevocably over the past decade. Yet the sourcing of photographers and media workers hasn’t. Matthew Craig tells Olivier Laurent how he aims to change that with his new startup business. An online platform connecting newsrooms with freelance staff, Blink lets editors know where a photographer lives or is currently located, as well as the type of work he or she has done in the past. SOURCE: http://www.bjp-online.com/2014/02/blink-aims-to-connect-photographers-with-editors/

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STOCK SHLOCK -- Cliched Stock Photography – And Why Good Designers Avoid It! - Jess DelBalzo: “Stock photography permeates the advertising industry like a rotten egg. We’ve all seen these overused images in email newsletters, on websites, even in fliers and postcards that we receive offline.

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EMPOWERING ROLES -- Sheryl Sandberg project aims for less sexism in stock photography - Jennifer Dunning: “In real life, women aren't often found laughing alone while eating a salad, or balancing a baby and work obligations, in heels, while maintaining a perfectly wrinkle-free skirt suit. She has teamed up with Getty Images to release a collection of photos that show women and families in empowering roles -- among them tattooed moms, diaper-changing dads, active elderly people, skateboard-riding girls, and weightlifting women.
PHOTO: Gladskikh Tatiana via Shutterstock

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PHOTOABILITY, -- New Niche Stock Image Website, Offers Unique Photos of Models With Disabilities - Deborah Davis, co-owner of a new stock photography website with images of people of disabilities, became part of the disabled community when a car accident left her paralyzed from the chest down at 18 years old. http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/1705714

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CORBIS TRENDS: A Series Of Creative Research Reports showcasing new photography collections shot with emerging cultural and societal trends in mind. SOURCE: http://trends.corbisimages.com/?cid=cb_em_1113_amr_1_Life_Corp
PHOTO: Corbis Images

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MOBILE STOCK PHOTOS -- Foap Founder: Community Is Key to the Business -Tom Grasty: “The mobile stock photography business is getting a lot of attention lately. In the last few months, Scoopshot, EyeEm and Foap — three leading startups in the space — have collectively raised close to $9 million in funding. To gain some insight, I sat down with David Los, CEO and co-founder of Foap, who, with the launch of “Foap Missions” in March, has made community the cornerstone of his company’s business strategy. SOURCE: http://www.pbs.org/idealab/2013/11/foap-founder-community-is-key-to-the-mobile-stock-photo-business/

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Closing The Barn Door After The Horse Is Gone – John Lund: “One never knows if an image is going to sell in stock, let alone do well, but I believe this photo has a lot of the qualities that make for a successful stock image. First of all, I think it is a concept that can apply to a lot of messages. The idea is one of prevention and of timeliness. “Have You Backed Up Your Data?” could easily be a headline that would go with this photo of an escaping horse…after the barn doors are being closed. Prevention is a difficult concept to illustrate. http://blog.johnlund.com/2013/10/closing-barn-door-after-horse-is-gone.html
IMAGE: John Lund

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'PAID-FOR' ONLINE MEMBERSHIP -- Magnum Photos prepares a new platform. Magnum Photos is planning the launch of a membership scheme in a bid to capitalize on its social media communities while reducing the financial burdens associated with the copyright infringement of its pictures. SOURCE:

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NEW AGENCY LAUNCHES -- NW Stock Photos launched this month. NW Stock Photos serves clients seeking professional photographs for editorial, marketing, corporate and fine-art uses, according to company founder Peter James. They will include businesses, publications, websites, local governments, interior designers, photography collectors and more, he said. SOURCE: http://www.bellinghamherald.com/2013/08/13/3144981/bellingham-photographer-selling.html

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TAKING STOCK: EyeEm and Scoopshot attack stock photo industry from different angles - David Meyer: “Finland’s Scoopshot and Germany’s EyeEm have both revealed new trenches of funding that will help them invade the stock photo space with mobile snaps. They both have interesting tech to help them get there. Thanks to serious advances in smartphone camera quality, it’s increasingly possible to take a saleable shot on your handset — and European startups know it. SOURCE: http://gigaom.com/2013/07/17/taking-stock-eyeem-and-scoopshot-attack-stock-photo-industry-from-different-angles/

LUCKY SHOT SPOT -- Journalist launches PicFair as image licence marketplace – Alastair Reid PicFair, a platform giving anyone the opportunity to license and sell images for use by the media, launched into public beta recently. In what PicFair's founder Benji Lanyado describes as "three clicks" for copyright holders between signing up and putting images on the market, and two clicks for people wanting to license the image, the platform is intended to simplify and democratise the image licensing process. http://www.journalism.co.uk/news/picfair-launches-as-marketplace-to-license-images/s2/a553641/
PHOTO: Darren Burns

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BLACK STAR RISING. The venerable stock photo agency collects memories of the golden age of stock photography in a limited edition book by Lumiere Press.
TAKEAWAY: At its zenith, Howard Chapnick was director of Black Star in those days. When Jeri and I were visiting in New York in 1985, he interviewed us for a series of articles he was writing for Popular Photography Magazine.. Here was the result. http://www.photosource.com/chapnick.html

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PROMISES MUCH AND DELIVERS LITTLE? Could it be that stock photography is
the best business ever? Fabrice Grinda: “What is surprising about this
business to me is how high the take rate is. Most marketplace businesses
take between 1 and 20%. What is staggering about the stock photography
marketplaces is that they take 50-75% of the sales price. “ SOURCE:

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JOINS THE RANKS -- National Geographic has launched an in-house agency to sell its own collections of photography and video stock, as well as to offer its pool of photographers to commercial clients Olivier Laurent: “The in-house agency, called National Geographic Creative, is a new portal that "gives professional content buyers immediate access to hundreds of photographs and footage as well as National Geographic's pool of award-winning photographers and filmmakers," says the 125-year-old magazine.

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THE OL’ DAYS -- Stock Photography: Then & Now – Ron Avery: The internet completely changed how the world worked not to mention stock agenices. It became big business. Individuals, not just businesses, could gain access to images and reproduce them very easily. People began to rely on images instead of text. http://blog.productionhub.com/post/49260634057/stock-photography-then-now
PHOTO of Audrey Hepburn by Sid Avery

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BY THE PEOPLE -- A Photo Agency Managed by the Crowd - Paul Melcher: “Symbiostock is an open-source WordPress theme allowing any photographer to create a local stock agency with his or her images. However, it is in its hidden feature that Symbiostock is extremely powerful: Each database is networked to all others so that when an image buyer performs a search on one site, he also gets results from databases he didn’t even know existed. http://rising.blackstar.com/a-photo-agency-managed-by-the-crowd.html

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DOWN! -- Pixiq.com site goes down, leaving authors and readers in the lurch
Sterling Publishing apparently shut down the popular photography blogging site Pixiq today, only a few days after serving notice to all their bloggers, stating that the staff would no longer be required.
Sterling Publishing (who operates the Pixiq brand) from shutting down the entire Pixiq.com site, posting a message on the site’s homepage stating that the site no longer is active. The message reads “Thank you for visiting www.pixiq.com . Sorry, this website is no longer active. For information about Pixiq books, please visit www.sterlingpublishing.com ”, and it appears that Pixiq just flicked off the switch, weeks before their contracts with the bloggers expired. http://photocritic.org/what-happened-to-pixiq/

NEW AGENCY -- Award-winning Photojournalist Announces Launch of New Photo Agency. Kevin Vandivier, is currently seeking top photographic talent in major markets worldwide for his new online photo agency, The Gathering of Photographers (TGOP). SOURCE: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/1229731#ixzz2

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WHICH ONE? Choosing A Stock Photo Agency – John Lund: “There are hundreds of stock photo agencies out there, and more seem to spring up every day. In the volatile and every changing stock photo industry it can be important to diversify. You never know when an agency may fold or undergo a dramatic turn for the worse, or when some upstart agency (remember iStockphoto) will come along and upset the apple cart. here are thirteen important points to keep in mind. http://blog.johnlund.com/2013/04/choosing-stock-photo-agency.html
PHOTO: John Lund

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-- Getty Sales And Numbers For Thought – John Lund: “In the stock industry choices have to be made about price vs. volume and which direction both photographers and agencies are going to choose. Make that choice wisely! http://blog.johnlund.com/2013/02/getty-sales-and-numbers-for-thought.html

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LIVE NEWS -- Stock Agency Alamy Enters Mobile Photography Market - Olivier Laurent: “Alamy, an international stock agency, has announced that it will now accept photographs for its Live News service taken with mobile phones and compact cameras. "We have come a long way since the first camera phone was launched in 2000 and Alamy is keeping pace with this change," says Alamy's CEO James West. ‘We want to allow our contributors to upload News, Sport and Entertainment images to us using the camera they have ready at hand - whether it is a digital SLR, a compact camera or a smartphone. This is a recognition of the quality news images that can now be taken by cameraphones and the like.’" SOURCE:

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WHAT’s THE DEAL? -- Getty Signs Deal With Google, Gives Photographers Pittance – Tim Barribeau. “No one gets into stock photography expecting mammoth payouts, but a new revelation about a deal between Getty and Google fired up a number of photographers about just how little they're getting. APhotoEditor has discovered that when Google expanded the number of stock images that Google users could add to Google Drive documents, they did so through a deal with Getty.. SOURCE: http://www.popphoto.com/news/2013/01/getty-signs-deal-google-gives-photographers-pittance

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CRAWLING BACK? -- A Stock Agency is Actually Raising Its Royalty Rates. Why? – David Walker: “London-based stock photo distributor Image Source has announced that it will pay a higher royalty rate–60 percent, compared to its usual 40 or 50 percent–for all images it accepts from its US contributors from now through December 31, 2013. Could the pendulum in the moribund business of stock photography be swinging back? http://pdnpulse.com/2012/12/a-stock-agency-is-actually-raising-its-royalty-rates-why.html

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Well, whatdaya know…. It’s come to this…
THAR SHE BLOWS !! ! -- The Carlyle Group and Getty Images Management to Acquire Getty Images from Hellman & Friedman for $3.3 Billion. Global alternative asset manager The Carlyle Group (NASDAQ: CG) and Getty Images management announced today they have formed a partnership to acquire Getty Images. SOURCE: www.fastmediamagazine.com and http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2012/aug/15/getty-images-bought-carlyle-group?newsfeed=true

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IF IT’S BROKEN, FIX IT. Alamy and other big-wigs of the industry got together recently. The choir and the preachers came to the conclusion that they should not continue to dig the same hole deeper. They asked for ideas. Got any? SOURCE: News Release. TAKEAWAY: It would be nice if our stock photography industry could look to a parallel creative industry such as music or art that successfully emerged from a mercantile crisis like ours. None to be found. The lessons learned would be invaluable. The Internet has made the distribution of photos a new game. Individuals and independent non-pro photographers can employ the power, and the coming muscle of search -- and make it their ally to circumvent any need for that darling of the last century,--the classic stock photo agency-. . –RE

WANNA BUY IT? The owners of Getty Images have retained bankers to examine a possible sale or public offering of the business they took private four years ago for $2.4bn. Anupreeta Das: An auction for a potential sale of Getty Images Inc. has progressed to the second round, with several private-equity firms putting in initial bids of around $4 billion, people familiar with the matter said. SOURCE: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304708604577504923941988382.html?mod=W
PHOTO: Getty Images

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INTERLOPER -- Paul Melcher: “AP launches new photo agency. Just on the edge of their announced possible IPO / sale, and while everyone thought the battle for editorial photography supremacy was over, easily won by the Seattle gargantua , here comes from the outfield a new agency that could create havoc. Called Invision Agency , it is a spinoff of the 150 years old Associated Press."

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SUPPLY AND DEMAND -- A New Approach – John Lund: “A new stock agency with the intriguing name “Evolve Images” has opened its doors. The three founders of Evolve, Mark Ippolito, Robert Henson, and Jonathan Solomon certainly have a ton of experience between them having held numerous positions at such leading stock agencies as Getty Images, Corbis, Blend Images, PhotoDisc, and Comstock. What they are offering is a highly curated collection, a new method of pricing that seems sort of a RF and RM hybrid, and the promise of “sustaining a creative economy”. http://blog.johnlund.com/2012/02/evolve-imagesa-new-approach.html

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FLYING BLINDFOLD -- John Lund: “What I Know man pulling on elephants tail, sell my photos About The Stock Photo Industry. As demonstrated by this stock photo interpretation of the fable of three blind men and an elephant, it is almost impossible to gain a full understanding of the stock photo industry as a contributing photographer.
PHOTO: John Lund

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FLAILING AND THRASHING -- Photography And Dealing With Change. John Lund lets us know “change” ain’t always easy. He says, ”Sometimes the best way to deal with change is to take a deep breath and relax.” http://blog.johnlund.com/2012/01/photography-and-dealing-with-change.html?

CITIZEN JOURNALISM -- Top Editorial Contributors Get a Share of Demotix’s Ad Revenues. Photopreneur: “Demotix might just have created a new revenue model for editorial photographers and aspiring photojournalists. The crowd-sourced news agency, which has licensed images to publications and outlets including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine and the BBC, is to begin paying contributors a share of its advertising revenue. http://blogs.photopreneur.com

PHOTO: source: DEMOTIX (Death if Ian Tomlinson)

HEAD OF THE LINE -- Rights Licensing Is All About Visibility – Jim Pickerell: “As I said in my most recent post, getting the images seen by potential customers is the big problem. Here’s a list of the number of images in a few categories at 4 of the major distributors. Statistics show that the vast majority of customers choose an image from those found in the first 300 reviewed in a web search. So the question is how do you get your images shown in that first 300. http://rising.blackstar.com/rights-licensing-is-all-about-visibility.html

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TODAY’s MARKET -- Jim Pickerell: “One of the first things to decide is whether you are committed to licensing your images as RM or traditional RF, or whether you are willing to accept the microstock philosophy of volume sales at much lower prices. http://rising.blackstar.com/licensing-images-in-todays-market.html

CORBIS BUYS NMA -- Stuart Elliott: “Corbis, the digital media company owned by Bill Gates that licenses the intellectual property rights to photographs, music and public personalities, is expanding again by acquiring the NMA Group in Los Angeles, a pioneer in the realm of branded entertainment, which helps marketers weave products into the plots of movies and television shows. SOURCE: NYTIMES;
TAKEAWAY: He giveth and he taketh away. Mr. Bill Corbis Gates, who is famous for his foundation that supports third-world countries’ opportunities to better themselves, now increases his personal empire by investing in “branded entertainment”. What’s that? It’s the shameless insertion of commercial products into films, novels, or any visual endeavor where the public helplessly is exposed to them. What’s wrong with familiar products being introduced into a film plot? For one thing, the masses tend to follow the film hero’s cinema style – like John Wayne and his cigarettes. What products are they injecting into films today that may prove injurious to future generations. In the context of how we, the public, will allow a minor violation to eventually lead to a greater violation, this principle is now sliding into the theaters themselves. You’ve probably experienced the tastelessness of movie theaters subjecting their pre-show audiences to “commercials.” –even though you paid to see the movie, not the commercials.

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BUSINES IS GREAT! -- John Lund: “People often ask me, as small talk of course, how business is, or if I am staying busy. As a self-employed person I am as busy as I want to be. As someone trying to maintain a successful photography career there is no shortage of work to do! As for how business is, it’s great! I am certainly not making as much as I was a couple of years ago, but my income appears to be stable and I still believe there is ample opportunity for growth. http://blog.johnlund.com/2012/01/busines-is-great.html?
PHOTO: John Lund

INSIDE CAPTIONS -- REALITY: For each photo to you have in your pro-file, there is a photobuyer that is seeking it, right now, somewhere in the world. This program, Stipple, is a step in the right direction in helping you make the match with that photobuyer. How long it will take depends on how this type of technology will advance. These days, as you know, innovation comes quickly. Be on your toes to look into this one. -RE