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29 Dec, 2010 | Posted by: psnotes

Painting with a photographer’s eye

Rackstraw Downes, a celebrated painter of views, likes to define his approach to painting in opposition to photography.Good photographers know how to compose detail, which is forever in flux, into memorable form. Downes has this ability too. He started out as an abstract painter. And although he is opposed, in principle (if not always in reality), to fabricating what is in front of him, he chooses very carefully both his views and the stretched-out formats in which he presents them. SOURCE: Sebastian Smee

08 Dec, 2010 | Posted by: psnotes

NATURAL SELECTION -- Each year Steve Parish travels to Melbourne to hold photography workshops with schoolchildren at Healesville Sanctuary. The idea, says the veteran photographer, is to impart the skills he has honed over 50 years of capturing Australia's flora and fauna.

PHOTO: Les Gilbert

01 Dec, 2010 | Posted by: psnotes

MYTHOLGICAL CALENDAR -- This year’s edition of the Pirelli calendar features 24 images immortalized by the famous photographer Karl Lagerfeld. Among the big names that appear in the calendar there is Julianne Moore.
PHOTO: Karl Lagerfeld; Julieanne Moore