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-- Baltimore To Pay $250K for Videos Deleted by Police: A Vindication of Photographers’ Rights - David Walker: “The City of Baltimore and its police department have agreed to pay $250,000 to settle a claim of unlawful seizure and destruction of cell phone videos that belonged to a citizen who allegedly recorded police arresting and beating another person. Police have admitted no wrongdoing, but agreed as part of the settlement to issue a written apology to Christopher Sharp, the plaintiff in the case. http://pdnpulse.pdnonline.com/2014/04/baltimore-pay-250k-videos-deleted-police-vindication-photographers-rights.html

For earlier info on this case, in the psNOTES search bar, use: Christopher Sharp.

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What law did the Toledo Blade newspaper break? The Army won’t say - Jonathan Peters: “After military police detained two journalists last month outside a military manufacturing plant, an Army spokesman said the journalists had violated “Federal law and Army Regulations” by photographing the facility. But which law, and which regulations? The Army didn’t say at the time—and it won’t say now.” http://tinyurl.com/noj2yhc

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-- Security Guards Harass Photographer and Erase His Photos During Infuriating Run-In - DL Cade: “This crap is why I can’t make a timelapse landscape of Chicago.” That’s the title of a video and Reddit post by Chicago-based photographer, Benn Jordan, that shows the scary situation he found himself in recently while trying to capture a time-lapse of South Chicago. http://petapixel.com/2014/04/30/security-guards-harass-photographer-erase-photos-infuriating-run/

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-- Newspaper Threatens Legal Action - Catherine Taibi: “The Toledo Blade is threatening to take legal action after its reporter and photographer had their equipment confiscated by military police. Blade reporter Tyrel Linkhorn and photographer Jetta Fraser were detained and stripped of their equipment while outside the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center in Lima, Ohio. SOURCE: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/31/blade-reporters-legal-action-ohio-photographer_n_5063950.html?utm_hp_ref=media

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A Photographer’s Guide to the First Amendment and Dealing with Police Intimidation - David Walker: Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, news photographers have been subject to police intimidation and arrest, as if photography is a crime. But federal law protects photography and photographers, as Mickey Osterreicher, general counsel to the National Press Photographers Association, explains in this video. The challenge for photographers is knowing how to assert your rights in tense situations, without getting arrested. SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/mvqmspz

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-- Threatened to Arrest Seattle Newspaper Editor. DL Cade: Officer ‘K.C.’ Saulet, one of the cops who, along with one of his partners, threatened to arrest Seattle newspaper editor Dominic Holden last July, has been fired by the King County Sheriff’s Department. According to Holden, who obviously believes this was the right decision, Saulet ‘dug his own grave’ so to speak by having too many such altercations on his record, and then lying to police about this one. SOURCE: http://petapixel.com/2014/02/04/police-officer-threatened-arrest-photojournalist-fired-sherifs-department/
PHOTO: Dominic Holden

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NEWSPAPER PHOTOGRAPHER SUES -- Linda Williams: “An unlimited civil claim was filed this month against CalTrans and the California Highway Patrol for actions leading up to and including the arrest in July of ‘The Willits News’ photographer Steve Eberhard. Eberhard was arrested while attempting to photograph Willits bypass protesters. The claim states the facts of the case “give rise to several federal civil rights claims for damages and injunctive and declaratory relief.” SOURCE: http://theava.com/archives/27965

PHOTO: Steve Eberhard

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- Trespass charge-related to power plant photo shoot dismissed. Jeff Himler: “A trespassing charge was dismissed against a man who was taking photos at the Conemaugh Generating Station after the plant's owner failed to send witnesses to a preliminary hearing. SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/kqd5sm2
TAKEAWAY: Need a picture of a power plant? No need to risk a court case. Go to Google Images and type in ‘Conemaugh Generating Station’. Case closed.

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-- By 3 Security Guards At The Smithsonian While Covering Strike. DL Cade: “While covering a fast food workers strike at the National Air and Space Museum last week, photographer Kristoffer Tripplaar was forcefully brought down by no less than three security guards when he accidentally bumped into one of them in an attempt to protect his equipment. SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/lnn6ckb

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SUES NYPD For Arresting Him During Stop-And-Frisk Shoot - Rebecca Fishbein: "A freelance photographer has filed a lawsuit against the NYPD, claiming police officers roughed him up and arrested him after he attempted to photograph them conducting a stop-and-frisk search. The Daily News reported that photographer Angel Zayas was arrested on November 12th, 2012; according to a lawsuit filed by Zayas in Manhattan Federal Court yesterday, Zayas was trying to photograph officers as they stop-and-frisked a Hispanic man at Grand Central Terminal. Zayas says he was unlawfully arrested and harassed, and he is now seeking unspecified damages.
via Roy Iwaki

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-- after filming Brevard County, Florida deputies. The Brevard County Sheriff's Office is reviewing the arrest of a citizen journalist who was cuffed after he filmed a deputy making a traffic stop. Jeffrey Marcus Gray, 43, told our news partners FLORIDA TODAY he works for a blog that focuses on recording police activity. He and his attorney consider the arrest wrongful.
via Frank Nowakowski

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How I Got That Photo, by Jasna Hodzic - Jim Romenesko “I contacted Jasna Hodzic after seeing her photo in the Nov. 18 California Aggie and asked if she’d write about it for my “How I Got That Photo/Story” feature. http://jimromenesko.com/2013/10/24/how-i-got-that-photo-by-jasna-hodzic/
PHOTO: Jasna Hodzic

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-- WORLDbytes raises awareness of legal right to film and photograph in public. Emma Bartholomew: “Young reporters from online TV news channel WORLDbytes mount a campaign against “overzealous jobsworths” who often try to prevent them filming in public.

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-- A Niagara, NY, police officer, Paul Zarafonitis, with more than two decades of experience under his belt and a commendation for quashing crime in Niagara, has been placed on probation for 12 months for assaulting a photographer. SOURCE:


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Seattle Newspaper Editor Threatened

With Arrest for Taking Photos of Police

– DL Cade: “Dominic Holden is the News Editor for the Seattle area newspaper The Stranger, and he was recently threatened with arrest and workplace harassment by some local police officers for standing on a public sidewalk and taking their picture.“ http://petapixel.com/2013/08/01/seattle-newspaper-editor-threatened-with-arrest-for-taking-photos-of-police/
PHOTO: Dominic Holden

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IN CANADA -- Public photography is not a crime. PEN Canada responds to a series of arrests and other police actions aimed at deterring photography in public spaces. SOURCE: http://o.canada.com/2013/06/21/pen-canada-public-photography/
PHOTO: Scott Olson\Getty Images

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NOT GUILTY -- Reno Newspaper Photographer Cleared of Charges After Covering Fire David Becker: “Prosecutors in Reno, Nevada, have dropped charges against a newspaper photographer arrested and injured while trying to cover a house fire last year. Tim Dunn, photo director at the Reno Gazette-Journal was taking photos and video at a four-alarm fire in June 18. 2012.

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STOP THE PHOTOGRAPHY! (Video) Ohio Mall Security Guard Flies off the Handle Trying to Prevent Photos of Accident. Carlos Miller: “A security guard for an Ohio shopping mall made a complete fool of herself as she tried to prevent people from taking photos of a truck that ended up in a ravine on mall property. Officer Adams, as she describes herself in the above video, first threatened to confiscate cameras, then ordered people to delete their photos and finally ended up pushing a woman who immediately fought back.” SOURCE: http://photographyisnotacrime.com/2013/05/18/ohio-mall-security-guard-flies-off-the-handle-trying-to-prevent-photos-of-accident/

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PENALTY: 15 years hard labor

PHOTOGRAPHING POOR KIDS -- U.S. citizen sentenced to 15 years for ‘crimes’
North Korea has sentenced a U.S. citizen to 15 years of prison labor for “hostile acts” against the communist regime, the country’s official Korean Central News Agency reported Thursday. Pae Jun Ho, known in the United States as Kenneth Bae, was arrested in November as he entered the northeastern port city of Rason. Seoul-based activist Do Hee Yoon said he suspected Pae was arrested because he had taken photographs of emaciated children and the public executions of dissenters as part of efforts to appeal for more outside aid.

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YOU CAN’T ERASE MY VIDEO! Christopher Sharp has charged the Baltimore City Police Department (BPD) with violating his constitutional rights when officers confiscated his cell phone and erased a video he’d made of police making the arrest in 2010. A federal court has smacked down attempts by the BPD to harass and intimidate the photographer who is suing the department over civil rights violations, because police stopped him from photographing a public arrest. Christopher Sharp won a protective order in US District Court in Maryland last month, barring the BPD from pursuing a “witch hunt” into his past.

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-- Australian photographer charged with “disorderly behavior causing offense” for street photography. Tim Barribeau: “The last few years have seen many photographers in the United States run into police trouble for photographing the wrong building or place, but generally street photography of people has remained free of hassle. But in Australia, a photographer has just been convicted of ‘disorderly behavior causing offense’ for legally photographing someone in public, simply because the person being photographed didn't like it.”

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Woman Arrested After Posting Photo of

Anti-Police Graffiti to Instagram

– DL Cade: "Montreal resident Jennifer Pawluck was arrested earlier this week after she posted a photo of anti-police graffiti to her Instagram account. The photo shows a caricature of Montreal police Commander Ian Lafrenière with a bullet hole in his forehead, leading police to accuse Pawluck of criminal harassment against a high-ranking police officer. Source: http://www.petapixel.com/2013/04/04/woman-arrested-after-posting-photo-of-anti-police-graffiti-to-instagram

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-- Justice Department Statement Supports Garcia's Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit – Donald R. Winslow: “The U.S. Department of Justice has just filed a Statement of Interest in the federal civil rights lawsuit brought by photojournalist Mannie Garcia against Montgomery County, MD, police and prosecutors in the aftermath of his June 2011 unlawful arrest, which included the unlawful seizure of his camera and images. https://nppa.org/node/42647

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CARLOS NOT THE CULPRIT -- Photojournalist Acquitted of Resisting Arrest at Occupy Miami Confrontation. David Walker: “A Florida jury has acquitted photographer Carlos Miller of charges that he resisted arrest while covering police action at an Occupy encampment in Miami last January. Police alleged that Miller had refused orders to clear the area, but another journalist provided evidence to support Miller’s claim that he was singled out among several journalists for arrest. http://pdnpulse.com/2012/11/photojournalist-acquitted-of-resisting-arrest-at-occupy-miami-confrontation.html

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ACLU Sues Over Abuse Of Photographers By Border Patrol Agents. The ACLU of San Diego has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency (CBP) for violating the constitutional rights of two photographers, and for maintaining an official policy prohibiting the use of cameras and video recorders at or near U.S. crossing points, which violates the Constitution. SOURCE: http://www.aclu.org/blog/free-speech-immigrants-rights-criminal-law-reform/aclu-sues-over-abuse-photographers-border

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OUR RIGHTS: -- NYPD Caught on Video Violently Shoving Photographer
New York City police continued their rampage against protesters and photographers during today's Occupy Wall Street anniversary protest, including an incident in this video where a cop shoves a photographer to the ground.
SOURCE: http://www.pixiq.com/article/nypd-caught-on-video-violently-shoving-photographer#BG2r5adx0A2ybDJF.99
PHOTO: Paul Wisekel
TAKEAWAY: Welcome to modern day photojournalism. You can expect to be pushed and shoved, even thrown to the ground with the rest of the participants when a confrontation starts heating up

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Photogs labeled potential terrorists

WHAT'D YOU CALL ME? -- Be careful next time you are out taking photos in public. It turns out that photographers can be detained as potential terrorists for just doing their job.
Our democracy is on thin ice,” said Jim Lafferty, executive director of the National Lawyers Guild, L.A. Chapter.
SOURCE: http://rt.com/usa/news/potential-police-miller-public-914/


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WATCHING YOU -- Terrorism Prevention Video Asks Public to Report Photographers to Police .
Michael Zang: “The disconcerting video above is a terrorist prevention video that was funded by the Department of Homeland security and uploaded to Houston’s city website back in January 2011. Starting at 1:42, it attempts to convince people that photographers may be potential terrorists, and that the police should be called if one appears to “hang around for no apparent reason.” http://www.petapixel.com/2012/08/09/terrorism-prevention-video-asks-public-to-report-photographers-to-police/

OUCH! -- Brett Smiley: “New York Times freelance photographer Robert Stolarik reported for duty Saturday night in the Bronx and attempted to capture images of a brewing fight when Stolarik himself became involved in an altercation — with the police. Forty-three-year-old Stolarik and the NYPD have since presented significantly different versions of what transpired between the police and the press.

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ANCIENT GREEK RULES? -- Peter Walker: “At the Olympics, media and civil liberties groups have expressed alarm after the managers of an Olympic venue pledged to intercept and question anyone seen photographing or filming the site, even from public land. Olympic security operations could see photographers, film crews and even members of the public harassed for entirely legal activities.” SOURCE: http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/2012/apr/16/02-olympic-venues-row-security-photography

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ALL IN A DAY’S WORK -- University of California to Pay Photographer $162,500 for Wrongful Arrest – David Walker: “A news photographer who claimed wrongful arrest while covering a student protest in 2009 will receive a $162,500 settlement from the University of California, the San Francisco Chronicle has reported. UC Berkeley police will also receive media rights training as part of the settlement. SOURCE: http://pdnpulse.com/2012/07/police-intimidation-watch-university-of-california-to-pay-photog-162500-for-wrongful-arrest.html

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HANDCUFFED -- 'First Amendment rights can be terminated': When cops and cameras don't mix. Bob Sullivan:”Your First Amendment rights can be terminated," yells the Chicago police officer, who was caught on video right before arresting two journalists outside a Chicago hospital. One, an NBC News photographer, was led away in handcuffs essentially for taking pictures in a public place.

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THE FIRST RED BARON - Wikipedia: “Did you ever wonder how aerial photography got started? No, it wasn’t that German flying ace, but a bird that could get through enemy lines.
via MOTHman

CARLIN REVISITED? -- Daniel Miller: “Revealed: Hundreds of words to avoid using online if you don't want the government spying on you (and they include 'pork', 'cloud' and 'Mexico'). http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2150281/REVEALED-Hundreds-words-avoid-using-online-dont-want-government-spying-you.html

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DETENTION AND HARASSMENT -- J.D. Tucille: “Cops Detain Photographer Until They Realize the Incident Is Being Recorded. The Los Angeles Times reports that he is one of three photographers, along with the National Press Photographers Association, represented by the ACLU of Southern California in a lawsuit against the department over the detention and harassment of people taking pictures in public places”. http://reason.com/blog/2012/05/14/cops-detain-photographer-until-they-real?

NOT GUILTY -- Photographer acquitted in Occupy arrest. Jennifer Peltz: “A student photographer arrested during an Occupy Wall Street march was acquitted Tuesday in one of the first trials stemming from thousands of arrests at protests in New York since the movement's start last fall.”

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BADGE BULLIES -- Mother of 3 Arrested for Taking Pictures of Tourist Attraction at Airport -- This case is a frightening example of what can happen when a photographer encounters ignorant bullies with badges. According to the complaint filed in Federal Court, Nancy Genovese, a mother of three, was driving home on County Road 31 past Gabreski Airport in Suffolk County. Gabreski Airport displays a decorative helicopter shell by the roadway to the public, which is visible to all who pass by.
Source: http://www.murthalawfirm.com/mother-3-arrested-pictures-tourist-attraction-airport
via Joan Saks Berman
TAKEAWAY: In the comments section of this Internet article, Robert replies: "Given the vast and massive number of police in this country, harrassing, giving false testimonies, undue and unwarrented arrestes and brutality, in matter of fact violating the constitutional rights of citizens and violating their own state and local laws, never mind the moral violation, we seem to come to the understanding that there is a level of corruption both in morals and legal behavior becoming prevelant in our legal society. Even the legislative, and judicial authorities are been exposed for their illigal and immoral conduct and their protection of those who violate the law, especially law enforcement officers. What is the underlying reason that so many law enforcement officers have become or are grossly incompetent, immoral, and intellectually baseline hoodlums. And it will get worse given the atmosphere in this country no prevailing."

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PRIVACY VS. RIGHT-TO-KNOW -- David Weintraub:"Imagine two very different personality types. One likes authority and control and believes in order and security. The other is independent, inquisitive, and perhaps a bit pushy. Both are convinced they are working for the public good. Now, put a badge and a gun on the first type, and hand the second type a camera. Do you see a potential for conflict? The First Amendment gives photographers and videographers almost unlimited freedom to make images in public places. This includes every place from Wall Street to Main Street — streets, plazas, parks, bridges, shopping malls, industrial parks, city-owned airports, and transit systems. Source: David Weintraub http://rising.blackstar.com/eye-on-image-making-photographers-and-the-law-part-1.html

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HANDCUFFED Alan Wolper: "The Picture Told The Whole Story. Kristyna Wentz-Graff, photographer, her Milwaukee Journal Sentinel press credentials dangling from her neck, snapped a series of shots of about 50 Occupy protesters marching near campus at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. www.editorandpublisher.com/Newsletter/Article/Ethics-Corner--The-Picture-Told-The-Whole-Story

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Boston admits it: Cell phone photography is not a crime – Declan McCullagh: “When Massachusetts charged Simon Glik with using a cell phone to film an arrest, prosecutors probably didn't realize they'd set a key First Amendment precedent -- and cost taxpayers $170,000. “the First Amendment's newsgathering protections apply beyond traditional media organizations.”

Temple photojournalism student arrested for snapping police. Webdy Ekua Quansah: “For Ian Van Kuyk, a photojournalism student at Temple University, Philadelphia, a course assignment soon turned to an arrest for obstruction of justice, resisting arrest and disorderly contact charges all for taking a photo of a police officer, Digital Journal reports. http://www.newjerseynewsroom.com/nation/temple-university-student-arrested-for-pictures-of-officer-argues-rights-to-public-domain

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TACTICS -- How to Avoid Dealing With the Police When Shooting in Public – David Hobby: “Are you a photographer in the US? Congratulations. In the eyes of some of your more dimwitted fellow citizens, you are now potentially a member of al Qaida. I actually had an interaction with the police for photographing … a maple tree. http://strobist.blogspot.com/2012/02/how-to-avoid-dealing-with-police-when.html

OUR RIGHTS -- Photographers shouldn't have to defend legal Metro photos to WMATA - John Hendel: “Is it legal to take photos on the Metro? Of course. But a persistent, troubling lie that's floated throughout our transit for years is this idea that you can't. Both riders and WMATA employees have expressed this belief. Look to Flickr, DCist, and countless news publications for evidence of photography's legality. WMATA explicitly states it doesn't regulate still photography that "does not require a tripod, special lighting, film crews, models," assuming it doesn't hurt WMATA's operations. In other words, casual photography is — or should be — perfectly legal.
PHOTO: Joshua Yospyn

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YOUR RIGHTS: ACLU Says: “Know Your Rights, Photographers!” A light look at a heavy (and important) topic. (Video) http://www.aphotoeditor.com/2012/02/13/aclu-says-know-your-rights-photographers/

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AT IT AGAIN -- Accredited Journalist Carlos Miller was arrested while covering the Occupy Miami eviction, following orders by Miami-Dade police's Major Nancy Pérez. They deleted his footage, which is illegal and may lead to a federal lawsuit. (Video) http://gizmodo.com/5883167/how-a-smart-photographer-won-over-a-bunch-of-abusive-cops
TAKEAWAY: This kind of ‘entrapment’ or ‘sting journalism’ is becoming anti-climactic. We want our –in-the-streets-rights, yes, but let’s not let anyone get hurt, especially the people that are paid to protect us - the police.

YES YOU CAN -- A Depot and a Fight to Photograph the City : David W. Dunlop: "An M.T.A. property protection agent stopped a reporter from taking pictures of the 126th Street Bus Depot. Not a big deal itself, but a symptom of a citywide problem: the unwarranted prohibition of photography from public spaces.
"'The problem is, however, much larger.
Security is inevitably invoked, but the security rationale seems to have been upended by
the Web. “Things like Google Earth are
making irrelevant, if not ridiculous,
objections to people snapping
pictures on the sidewalk,'”
Mr. Dunn said."
SOURCE: NY Times; David Dunlop
via: Roy Iwaki