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30 Mar, 2011 | Posted by: st

DON’T INTERFERE, PLEASE -- Connecticut Bill Would Protect Photographer’s Rights - The stated purpose of Proposed Bill No. 788 is “[t]o clarify the right to photograph or videotape an event.” It calls for authorizing “a person to bring a civil action for damages against a police officer who has interfered with such person’s right to photograph or videotape an event. SOURCE: Alicia Calzada NPPA

PERMITS -- Charlie: "Have You Been Asked To Show Your Filming Permit In A National Park? - I hear from time to time that lone photographers who might have an HD dSLR with a microphone and accessories and shooting videos or stills are being questioned by park service personal as to whether they have a permit. SOURCE: Charlie Borland.
TAKEAWAY -- The problem of requiring photographer permit passes in state and national parks came to a head about ten years ago. The Park Service eventually made a distinction between editorial and commercial photographers. Those photographers who required tripods, luggage and wires for their shooting definitely would need to register and pay a fee. In most cases, editorial stock photographers who needed limited equipment were not required to register and pay a fee..
However, with Homeland Security tightening up photographer regulations(see this week’s Kracker Barrel) –hold your hat. We might see a revival of strict shooting regulations in the parks and elsewhere.

02 Mar, 2011 | Posted by: psnotes

THE WAR ON PHOTOGRAPHY -- We've all heard and experienced it one time or another. You're just minding your own business taking a few snapshots with your Lomo cameras when out of nowhere, uniformed individuals accost you and demand that you either show them a permit or stop shooting. This is the war against photography. Know your rights! Source: cruzron