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30 Mar, 2011 | Posted by: st

How Norman Rockwell Used The Camera. -- An exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum entitled "Norman Rockwell: Behind the Camera." The exhibition displays Rockwell’s works alongside the photos that inspired and informed them. The exhibition, on until April 10, 2011, not only displays Rockwell’s
iconic works, but also opens up the artist’s whole process of composition. SOURCE: Tara MacIsaac

09 Mar, 2011 | Posted by: psnotes

—John McDermott, an American photographer, has been declared the “Ansel Adams of Angkor.” Stepping into the Sundaram Tagore Gallery, Beverly Hills, Calif., the visitor is easily caught off-guard by McDermott’s photo series “Elegy: Reflections on Angkor,” a study of the stone temple ruins in Cambodia.

The collection is on display in LA until March 12. There are a total of 30 prints.

via Roy Iwaki

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L.A. press photographers celebrate 75th anniversary
Founded in 1936, the Press Photographers Assn. of Greater Los Angeles is celebrating its 75th year with a special photo exhibit opening Tuesday on board the Queen Mary in Long Beach. The “75th Anniversary Historical Photo Exhibit” features Pulitzer-winning and other important photographs taken by members of of the association, documenting Los Angeles, California and the world.

02 Mar, 2011 | Posted by: psnotes

STIEGLITZ, STEICHEN, STRAND -- Three giants of Twentieth Century American photography, Alfred Stieglitz, Edward Steichen and Paul Strand, are being featured at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. November 10, 2010–April 10, 2011
PHOTO: Edward Steichen

TREES -- Photography exhibit tells stories through trees at Getty Museum. In 1861, a bearded man named Galen Clark stood at the base of a giant sequoia tree in the Mariposa Grove and had his photograph taken by Carleton Watkins. The exhibition, which is the eighth installment of the “In Focus” series, runs through July 3 and features 37 photographs entirely from the Getty’s permanent collection. SOURCE: LAUREN MACKEY