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23 Jun, 2010 | Posted by: photosource

PERFECT PERSPECTIVE -- 18th-century painters give photography new perspective Wide-angle lenses are great for taking dramatic photographs with a big scenic sweep, but they've got a big weakness too they distort objects towards the edge of the frame. Now software can make wide-angled digital photos with perfect perspective, thanks to a secret of 18th-century painters.

360-degree PHOTOS -- Lomography's Spinner Camera Shoots 360 Panoramic Photos on Film. ull the trigger-cord, and away the panoramic photos snap,with the camera spinning on its axis. It's one of the coolest (and cheapest) ways to shoot 360-degree photos.

FORBIDDEN TRIPODS -- Gwoeii: I have read many articles & posting on the internet, the latest being another article in Dreamstime "Risky shot...", on being forbidden to use tripods in certain areas. I have always thought, how can that be? How can anyone disallow the setting up of tripod for a photo shoot, If photography is not forbidden? If photography is allowed, then why should tripod be disallowed? SOURCE: Gwoeii ; Dreamstime;

16 Jun, 2010 | Posted by: photosource

Lightroom is Photoshop aimed purely at photographers.
While the normal version of Photoshop can do a lot in terms of image manipulation, it does not cater specifically to a photographer's needs, such as adjusting filters and exposure. Photoshop Lightroom 3 does. SOURCE: Dean Wilson Read more:

09 Jun, 2010 | Posted by: photosource

WELL, SORTA -- Instant Photography is Back. (Down Under) The Polaroid Two. In New Zealand and Australia. Brought to you by Summit Global Group together with Hagemeyer Brands Australia announces the launch of the new Polaroid Two Instant Digital Camera.

NOT SO EXPENSIVE -- Expensive Equipment--is it necessary? Many people who become interested in photography hold back from seriously pursuing it because they think they need expensive equipment to be a photographer. Let's take a look.

02 Jun, 2010 | Posted by: photosource

WHATS INSIDE? -- Useful Tool for Looking Up the EXIF Data of Online Photographs - Here's a useful tool you might want to bookmark: It has a super simple web interface in which you simply paste a URL to a photograph in order to display the EXIF data embedded in the image.