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09 Mar, 2011 | Posted by: psnotes

EASY SCANNING -- Making Scans with a Digital Camera - Many photographers have a lot of film images that they wish to digitize, but conventional scanning techniques may be too expensive. You can use your digital camera to make “camera scans” that are amazingly good, and very quick to produce. SOURCE: Peter Krogh ;

02 Mar, 2011 | Posted by: psnotes

MACBOOK AIR -- Field Testing for Photographers. On paper, the MacBook Air appears to be the answer to many roving photographers' dreams. SOURCE: Derrick Story,

RUMOR? -- Leica M9 v Panasonic GF2? Leica to launch mirrorless camera? A Spanish photography magazine claims inside source tells Leica is close to announcing a mirrorless or compact system camera, possibly to compete with the Panasonic GF2. Read more: