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25 May, 2011 | Posted by: st

YE OLDE TYME 1850’S PHOTOGRAPHY -- Gigantic DIY Camera Shoots on 3-Foot-Wide Film Even with all the new high end DSLRs coming out today, film photography is still followed by a fervent group of enthusiasts. But for now, no camera--digital or otherwise--will rival Darren Samuelson's gigantic six-foot-long folding camera.SOURCE:Kevin Lee. Pcworld ;

FISHEYE LENS LANDSCAPES - D.H.: “Wide angle lenses are a staple of landscape photography. The wide angle zoom seems to be the modern standard in everyone's camera bag. In the strict landscape photography sense the idea of using a fisheye lens probably seems silly. The extreme distortion and huge angle of view can really seem like more of a gimmick than a serious tool.” SOURCE: Darren Huski .
PHOTO: Darren Huski

THAT’S NO PROOF! -- ElcomSoft: “The credibility of photographic evidence becomes vital in numerous situations for insurance companies and courts, as they may accept digital image as indisputable evidence if it can be proven genuine. However, the discovered vulnerability in Canon Original Data Security system proves that verification data can be forged and, thus, the whole verification system cannot be relied upon. “ More info: SOURCE: Kevin Beaver;
NIKON: DITTO -- Russian encryption specialist ElcomSoft has also discovered flaws in Nikon's systems for ensuring that images have not been tampered with. SOURCE: John Leydon

18 May, 2011 | Posted by: st

Mobile Photography: 20+ Resources for Apps, Snaps & Inspiration:

11 May, 2011 | Posted by: st

CAMERA DIFFUSERS -- have been made from all sorts of cheap supplies before, but never have I seen one made from a Pringles can, a couple of rubber bands, paper towels and some duct tape. SOURCE: Kat Hannaford!5796276/once-you-pop-you-cant-stopdiffusing

04 May, 2011 | Posted by: st

EXCEPTIONAL LIGHTING PHOTOGRAPHY -- Marc Silber: “I recently had the pleasure of meeting up with David Hobby who is the master of small strobes and author of the blog Strobist. What follows is a transcript of some of his tips from our video together.

Photosmith Lets You Do Some Lightrooming On Your iPad. If you like to manage your photos on your iPad but prefer Lightroom’s rich feature set to iPhoto or Aperture, meet Photosmith, an app for the iPad that allows you to do all of your Lightroom organizing, rotating, sorting, metadata editing, labeling and keywording.

NIKON ANNOUNCES THE NIKOR 50MM F/1.8G-- The folks at Nikon call the new Nikor 50mm f/1.8G the "evolution of a classic." It's fast, compact and inexpensive, and Nikon believes that it's going to be a standard for photographers moving forward.

PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS 9 -- digitalcamerareview: “Photoshop Elements has long been synonymous with image editing on PCs and Macs. In fact, if you ask most average consumers say they use “Photoshop” on their computers what they really mean is Photoshop Elements. Abode launched a refresh of the software late last year with new features for Photoshop Elements 9 ($79.99). Let’s take a closer look at this latest update.

PRICELESS NECKLACE: Joe Farace: “Going Out To Photograph? Bring A Strap –The neck strap is part of the camera’s basic equipment and fulfills the important role of protecting the camera from being dropped. While you may protest, “this would never happen to me,” I saw it happen twice during a workshop I was teaching in Montana."